Chapter 12

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(Dallons POV)

"Brendon!" I yell and he looks up alarmed. I engulf him in a hug, tears pricking at my eyes. "Wha- Dallon?" He asks and I just hold him tighter. "Z-zack and I were so-so worried we thought you were gonna hu-hurt yourself." I say trying to hold back tears but it was hard. I was so scared. I genuinely thought we had lost him all because him and I had a stupid fight. "Wait huh? I just, I went for a couple drin- are you crying?" Brendon asks forcing me to look at him. "I was so scared we lost you.." I say, letting the tears roll down my face and a sad look washes over his face and Brendon pulls me back into a hug. "Dal I'm so sorry, no I'm okay. It's okay please don't cry." He says and I just hold him tighter.

"There you are!" I hear Zacks voice and I could hear his footsteps get closer but all I cared about is the fact that Brendon is okay. "I-I was so scared.." I mumble while sniffling and he rubs my back. "C'mon, we need to get back to the bus, guys. We're late." Zack says. I left my head, looking at Brendon. He nods, and presses his forehead to mine. "It's okay." He says and we pull away from the hug, and he immediately grabs my hand in his. "I'm glad you're okay, Urie. We all got so worried." Zack says and I nod in agreement. Brendon and I were walking so close I'm surprised we weren't tripping over each others feet. "You guys should be careful with holding hands in public still." Zack says and I sigh sadly. He had to bring it up. I go to pull my hand back but Brendon tightens his grip a bit, not enough to hurt me, and lifts our hands up, pressing a kiss to the back of my hand.

"I'm not scared. I'm not with anyone." Brendon says and I smile slightly at him. He isn't with anyone but, God I wish he was with me.


(Brendons POV)

I felt bad. I shouldn't have worried everyone like that. I could tell I scared Dallon so much. I was just, I was hurt. I felt like he didn't care. Maybe that's why I stormed off, because I wanted him to. I didn't wanna make him cry though. I hate when he cries. We got back to the bus 10 minutes late, everyone freaking out. I just went straight onto the bus, Dallon following. "Wanna lay down?" I ask and he softly nods, sniffling. We went into the backroom, and laid down. We didn't cuddle, or touch eachother. We both just stared straight up at the ceiling, laying in silence. I hummed a song softly, and I feel Dallon move. I look over at him, and he scoots closer to me, rolling onto his stomach, placing his head on my chest. "Hey.." I say, running my fingers through his soft hair. "I just, I need to be with you, touch you. God you scared me." He mumbles and he pressed a kiss to my neck.

"I know, I was stupid to just run off like that. I-" I get cut short by Dallon attaching his mouth to my neck. "D-dal, we shouldn't. Not, not the time." I say and bite my lip. He pulls away and looks at me. "We need to take things slow for a bit, till everything calms down. Okay?" I say and he nods. "Yeah you're right." He says and I press a kiss to his forehead, gently guiding his head back down to lay upon my chest. We ended up falling asleep and I awoke to someone knocking on the door. I look to see Dallon was gone, and I sigh. "Yeah?" I call out, my voice hoarse. Zack walks in, and I sit up.

"Uh, not the time but, Sarah's here." He says and I furrow my eyebrows. "W-what?" I ask and he shrugs. "I have no idea. She said you guys need to talk. Do you wanna come out or should I send her back here?" He asks and I shake my head. "I'll be out, I just, okay yeah I'll be out." I say getting out of bed, stumbling a bit as I do so. She was just her yesterday, how in the fuck? I run my fingers through my hair, not bothering to put on a shirt. I don't care anymore to be honest. The thought of facing someone who I broke is gonna fucking kill me. I'm such an asshole. I hate myself. I walk out and immediately I could see her talking with Dan. Dallon was sitting quietly on the couch, and Zack was leaning against the wall. I guess Mike's in his bunk still.

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