Chapter 31: Future

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edited 10/05/19

There are three days left before my birthday.

Woojin got us a helicopter to travel to a different country. We chose Australia since he apparently has a house there and a permanent resident title. As an ex hunter, he dealt with things a lot easier. Seriously, that man's rich as hell. We brought Minho with us and he's just sulking, probably regretting what he did. He couldn't even make up with his brothers before they died. Still, we locked him up since he hasn't spoken to us properly.

We left as soon as we cleaned up the bodies. We threw some off a cliff and packed some for meals. No one suspects us in Australia as if ghouls don't exist here but not being aware of us would be impossible since we're all over the news and the internet– according to the boys. I'm still the 17 year old female without a phone.

It's my first time in a different country. It felt as if I received a whole tank of oxygen when we landed. I felt problem-free but that's only for a short while. Will my father still catch me here? Am I still not safe? Should I still worry? And most importantly, am I really part of the royal blood line? We agreed not to talk about that when we arrived here in Australia. We want to start anew now that we're far away from the hunters who claimed us as criminals but it's weird. Are we really done?

"What are you thinking about again?" Hyunjin asked me as he settles himself down beside me on the bed.

My eyes are closed and my hands are pressed against my stomach. I'm leaning against the headboard while sitting up so he knows for sure that I'm not asleep. It's oddly satisfying to have my back again.

The dork named Hwang Hyunjin poked my lips since I didn't answer him. "What?" I asked. Now I have my eyes open.

"I asked you what you're thinking about again," he said and stared at me with his adorable eyes. His hair is now barely white. It's starting to look fully brown and it happened within such a short amount of time.

"Same old."

Out of nowhere, he kissed my cheek which made me push him a little bit too harshly that he fell off the bed and hit his head against the drawer cabinet. Should I be guilty? He's a ghoul, this is nothing to him.

So yup, this is funny. He looks funny.

"I can't believe my girlfriend's doing this to me." He whimpered cutely and moved his head to lay it against the carpeted floor. "I'm deceased..."

"Shut up kid," I snapped in a joking manner and just stared at him, obviously enjoying the view of my dorky boyfriend whining over a simple head bump.

"Help me up..." he whined and reached his arms forward– reaching for me.

"Good luck with tha–" I yelped when he used two of his shining scales to pull me on top of him. "Hwang Hyunjin!" I punched his chest–not cutely. He grunted, scrunching his face and grabbed ahold of my right hand to stop it from punching him since obviously, my punches are now painful to him.

"This is unfair...why is a girl stronger than her boyfriend!" He pouted, trying to maintain eye contact with me but I kept averting my gaze towards something else. I tried to pull my hand away from him but then he used his other two shining scales to trap both of my wrists and quickly flipped us over.

He does this a lot.

The idiot cheekily smiled at me. He's using his hands on either of my sides to support himself. This time, I maintained eye contact but I'm glaring at him.

"You're my girlfriend but you're still pushing me away just like before. You're hurting my feelings you know?" He said in a low voice that made my stomach churn in a manner that made me want to throw up. 

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