Chapter 7

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Laying on the hospital bed himself was Keith's Father, Heith Kogane.

The father was connected to a bunch of machines to keep him breathing.

Krolia was sitting in a chair close to the bed her hand holding her husbands hand.

Keith felt tears form in his eyes. The boy slowly walked in, his soulmate behind him in case he fell.

Keith made his way over to his mom sitting on the chair next to her.

The doctor came in not long after.

"I'm guessing you would like to know about the injuries?" Doctor. Collins asked.

The family nodded.

"The car was flipped onto the roof cause glass to go everywhere. A shard of glass was lodged into his chest close to the heart and another shard pierced his abdomen near his kidneys. We had to do surgery to remove the shards. That also explains why he could not make it." Doctor Collins explained sadly. "The only thing we can do now, is wait for him."

Keith took a sharp breath in as Krolia nodded. "Thank you."

"Oh one more thing. You can talk to him. It's a possibility that he will hear you." Dr. Collins said. "Let us know if you need anything." And with that he left.

"Keith why don't you talk to him first?" Krolia said. "Lance and I will take a trip down to the cafeteria here and grab a snack and drinks. Do you want anything?"

Keith shook his head. "I'm okay thank you."

Lance sighed and walked out the room with his soulmates mom. "I'm getting him water and a bag of chips whether he likes it or not."

Krolia smiled. "Your gonna take good care of him."

"H-hey dad." Keith said gripping his father's hand. "Its Keith. You probably knew that. Please wake up soon. We miss you. I found my soulmate. His name is Lance. I think you would like him. Mom already does. Remember when I was younger and we went to the park a lot, and you caught me I went down the slide, or when you helped me with the monkey bars? Or that time mom was at work but we were going out for dinner for her birthday and you dressed me up in a ugly purple suit and when mom got home she laughed. I know mom is trying to be strong right now." Keith choked back a sob. "But I know she isn't. She's just as torn up about this as I am. Please don't leave dad. Fight for us. For mom. For me. I want to continue making memories with you! I want you to meet Lance. To give him the dad talk! I want you to grow old with mom. You aren't allowed to die yet! You hear me dad! Don't leave us yet."

By the end Keith was sobbing. "P-please don't leave me." He whispered while clinging to the man who protected him is whole life, the man who helped his mom raise him to the man he was today.

Krolia and Lance walked into the room. As they did they saw Keith clinging onto his father, shoulders trembling as sobs from Keith echoed around the room. The only sound being the soft beep from the heart machine and Keith's cries.

"Keith." Krolia whispers taking soft steps towards her son before pulling him into a hug.

Lance sets the food and drink on a couch, that was in the room, and joined in on the hug, wrapping his arms around the mother and her son.

"Keith how about we go take a walk? Let your mom speak to him for a little?" Lance spoke softly.

Keith hesitated looking up at his mom, who nodded in return letting him know it'll be okay.

Keith got up placing a kiss on his moms cheek. "Be back soon." He grabbed Lance's hand before walking out of the room.

Lance led the boy outside toward a bench. The two sat down.

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