The Partition

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I rush into my hospital, Kanya sleeping peacefully on a gurney. I left everyone at home, driving here on my own after I stitched Aniket's torso. My family probably all came home by now, speculating my whereabouts.

An hour later, Kanya's scan and treatment is complete.

The doctor enters my office while I sit in my chair, occupying myself with other work. Tax returns are oddly calming when you're anxiously waiting for a result. "She's going to be in a temporary coma." He informs, and I nod, not too fond of when I have to face her and her mental instabilities again.

"How long?"

"We don't know." I don't know about this doctor, but he wasn't hired by me. He was hired by the chief surgeon a few years back, according to his profile.

"Alright. Notify me when she wakes up. Assign a  nurse to her day and night. She's dangerous."

The doctor nods curtly, leaving the sultry office without another word.

For the next few days, I don't leave the hospital. I grow accustomed to the familiar surrounding, forgetting about my tangled situation. My life is woven in and out, knotted in clumps and not even an expert knitter can untangle this yarn.

"Are you going to stay here forever?"

Aniket asks as I enter another room. He sits on the metal gurney, his legs crossed in Indian style. He wears a black suit, pressed neatly against his structured frame. If he's dressed formally, then he also went to work. "You finally thought about me."

"I always think about you." He says, his voice cold.

It sends a shiver up my spine, chilling me to the core of my body. "Why are you here?"

"I wanted to see you, love." He closes the gap between us, but I push away.

He's been distracting me from my work. I finally realized my duty when I came back to the hospital. There was a pile of papers sitting on my desk as I entered my office a few days back.

"It's only been two days."

Aniket chuckles. "It's been a five days since I saw you last. I called Alisha, since your phone was unreachable. She told me you were busy. She told me that unless I got an appointment with you, I couldn't see you. You had told the security to throw me out?"

I nod, biting my lip.

"Why are you ignoring me?"

"I don't want to talk about it, Aniket. I have other things to do. I suggest you leave." I fold my arms protectively over my chest.

Aniket closes the gap between us, putting his hands on my waist. I give in, pursing my lips. I stray my eyes away from his heated gaze. "I will be. I'm leaving to Paris for five months."

"Five months? Why?" I whine, earning a chuckle out of him.

"Business. My assistant will be traveling with me."


"I was going to ask if you wanted to come." He cranes his head, looking into my eyes hopefully.

"I have a hospital to run, Aniket."

"I am not taking no for a answer."

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