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Nicole hummed to herself as she opened the door to her apartment

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Nicole hummed to herself as she opened the door to her apartment. What a day she had; a day where absolutely nothing had happened. A day so boring that she couldn't wait to get into her suit and go on patrol.  "Norah, I'm home. Did you see that car parked outside? It's cr—"

The words died down in her throat as she spotted her sister standing in the living room with the one person she didn't expect to see. Rose Walters. Rose Walters was actually in her living room.  "Holy crap, you're Rose Walters! What-? How-?" Nicole turned towards her sister. "Norah, what is Rose Walters doing in the middle of our apartment?"

"I think it's best if Dr. Walters tells you that herself," Norah answered with a smile.

"I was just telling your sister about that Stark Internship you applied for. Tony sent me to tell you that you were accepted," Rose said.

Nicole didn't remember applying for a Stark Internship and was about to voice this out loud when she saw the look on Rose's face that said, 'go with it.' Feeling rather suspicious of the Avenger in her living room, Nicole answered. "Oh yeah, I did. Must have slipped my mind."

Rose turned to look at her sister. "I'd like to speak with her alone. If that's okay?"

"Sure," Norah answered in reply. "You two can talk in Nicole's room."

"Alright," Nicole said. She put her hands in her pocket and slowly walked down the hall, towards her room. She was feeling so unsettled about Rose being here, that she didn't know what to do or say. She raised her hand to the door knob and opened the door, stepping though. Rose followed her and stepped further into the room, as though taking in the sights.

Nicole closed the door and when she did, Rose immediately spun around. She narrowed her eyes in suspicion at the Avenger as she asked her question. "Why are you here? Because I sure as heck didn't apply for any internship."

The woman had a smirk on her face. She took out her phone from her pocket and opened it, then played a video. Nicole tensed because she recognised the scene very well from a few months ago. It was a video someone had shot of Zephyr saving people from a fire. It may have been grainy, but no one could deny the heroic actions of Zephyr.

"Quick question. This is you, isn't it? I mean, swinging around the city, dressed in a black hood and tights.."

"No," Nicole immediately answered. There was no way she was telling an Avenger what she was. No effing way. "That's not me. That's not me at all."

Rose smiled even wider. She played the next video which made Nicole remembered the bank robbery that had happened a few weeks ago.

"What do you say about this?" Rose questioned. "Seems crazy, isn't it? Someone who can control the winds?"

"Yeah," Nicole nodded. She was still leaning against the door, feeling very wary and suspicious of the woman. "Pretty crazy. That stuff only happens in movies, right? Special effects these days are crazy."

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