forty eight

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the last thing charlie said when she hung up our facetime call was to ignore david for a couple more days because he deserved it. she and timmy left only a few days ago, but i needed my friends back. i was in agony, not knowing what to do about david. he tried to talk to me once, but i ignored him and he stopped, now i really want to text him and resolve things, but my brain is screaming at me, saying that it's a mistake. i'm a freaking mess.

i sighed, playing with the food on my plate, not really wanting to eat. "are you okay phe?" liza asked, putting her hand over the table to grab mine.

she invited me to hang out with her and all the girls and we were currently at a restaurant, having dinner together. "yeah, it's just..."

"you're thinking about david" erin added when i waited a little longer to finish.

"i don't know if i overreacted, i mean, it's just merch" i shrugged, dropping the fork and adjusting my hand covered by liza's.

"you said it yourself, he gave it to you first, saying all that cute shit, he can't just grab it and give it to another girl he fucked" corinna said from the other side of the table. she was right, david told me that he wanted his girlfriend to have the merch first, because it was a valentine's day edition, and i'm his valentine so i deserved to be the first. i know, it's lame, but i really appreciated it.

"it was yours, phe, you left it there and his stupid ass thought it would be okay to give it to kelsey, it's just fucked up" erin agreed with corinna. "i mean, i like kelsey, she's a good girl, but it's wrong, you know?"

"what did you say they were talking?" mariah asked.

"about her shitty crush" my phone buzzed on the table.

"maybe her shitty crush it's david" she took a sip of her drink and we widened our eyes. "okay, it's a joke, but think about it" she tried to defend herself when we all started talking about how crazy it would be.

"i can't assume it's david because i don't know what she said to him, but it's a good point" i laughed softly. "actually, it would be really funny"

they all nodded, chuckling. "guys, i have to admit it" liza said after i begged them to change the subject. "it's really good and weird at the same time, to be here, having dinner and hearing phe's problems with david, like, he's my ex and she is his currently girlfriend" she laughed. "it's not normal, you know?"

"yeah" i nodded, smiling. "we are put in the positions to hate each other, like, i can't be friends with my ex and i need to hate his current girlfriend; and i think it's amazing that we don't have that, because it would be really annoying"

"i could never hate you" liza smiled. "you are so sweet and you make david happy, that's the only thing that matters" i nodded, now looking down. "and it's just fucked up how we are supposed to compete with each other instead of just having mutual respect"

"you two are so mature, i don't think i could ever do this" corinna laughed.

"oh shut up, i know you can be friends with olivia if you want" erin playfully rolled her eyes.

"i think her friends hate me, remember? they tagged me in that pic of todd with her?" corinna shot her a look.

"they're the wrong ones in the story, not you, i'm sure if you show them that you're more mature than them, being kind and respectful as always" erin added.

i looked at my phone, remembering that it buzzed a few minutes ago. it was a text from david.

david❤: hey
i know you're mad but tommorow
i'm going to chicago to shoot todd
and i gave you one chance to shoot
him, so i was thinking if you would like
to go with me

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