Chapter 12

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Makayla's POV

I've been at this dinner table for 10 min and Liam's mom is asking questions like where did you come from? where do you work ? Are you sure Liam's the father?, this woman is so nosey and blunt , it don't make no damn sense but hey thats his mom and this other redhead girl keeps staring at me like I done did something to her and it's pissing me off , bout to make me  get ghetto in the bitch. " so makayla are you close with your parents?" Liam's mom asked me with a scolded on her face  " um n-not anymore" I said in a quiet voice it hurt to talk about my family and how they just practically disowned me "aww why not" the redhead asked with a fake pout , I rolled my eyes this bitch is getting on my nerves " you don't  have to answer that makayla" Liam said from across the table "oh hush boy she can speak for her self" Liam's mother said with that same evil smirk. "Um I don't wanna talk about it" I said looking away from her "why not" she  asked.      " that's enough if she doesn't wanna talk about it she don't have to Karen just mind your own business for once" Liams dad yelled from the other end of the table.

Liam POV

Oh boy it only been 17 mins now my mom and dad are arguing about why makayla won't answer my mom's questions I looked across the table and seen that avianna was sitting on Makayla's lap giggling and makayla was giving her little kisses on her cheek , I looked down at my hands , I love my daughter and I've only known her for about week but I envy her and Makayla's relationship , i feel so left out " Liam did you hear me ?"  Aiden asked shaking my shoulder " huh what? " he rolled his eyes " how does it feel to be the first to have girl" he smiled at me why the fuck  is he smiling so hard "good I guess,  I love her so much" I grinned back  to be honest I hated my older brother we hated  each other we always competed for our mother's love I don't know why it's obvious she loves him Kaiden and Brandon more its like she hated  me and my little brother Joshua but I still tried to win her love but eventually I gave up and started to hate her a little.

I looked around it was quiet and I noticed that my mom , my dad, Brandon and his wife had left the table " okay everybody this dinner is over get the fuck out of my house you don't have to go home but you can't stay here" my dad yells told ya he was mean every one stood up and left wow it lasted 34 mins this time, new record

Makayla's POV

Wow that was the shortest dinner I've ever been to Liam's mom and dad got into an argument about how important it is to mind your own business it was funny but I felt like it was my fault, meh I'll get over it , I looked over in the back seat avianna was knocked out so the ride home was silent...

I leaned my head against the window and drifted off to sleep

*poke  poke
I felt something poking my forehead , my chest was heavy  I could barely breath I opened my eyes And looked down , avianna was sitting on my chest I lifted her off me " what's wrong baby?" I touched her forehead to see if she had a fever or anything " pee" was all she said " oh you have to use the potty?" She nodded her head, I helped her off the bed and We walked to bathroom and I helped her on the toilet " I'll be right out side the door baby" while waiting for avianna I noticed Liam's bedroom door open a bit my dumbass took a peek  and he was sitting on the bed naked again staring into space , I shook my head and went  back the wait for avianna ugh why does he have to be so weird ?  Is he obsessed with being naked or something, it's a good thing avianna came  to me .
I felt something pinching my leg looked down it was avianna I picked her up and headed back to the guest room where I was sleeping I'm tired as fuck, we'll leave first thing in the morning well not first thing in the morning but in the morning

It's been a long day without you my friend but I'll tell you all about it when I see you again .

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