Chapter 30

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Bangtan's POV

''owh'' Taehyung slightly winces as Jin rubs disinfectant onto his wounds, fresh cuts marked on each side of his arms.

''It was Y/N, wasn't it...'' Jin asks softly. Taehyung's silence answers his question.

Namjoon rubs his temples in distress. ''Why do you guys keep bumping into each other? It's not doing you any good''

Jimin leans on the couch, his booted feet crossed on top of the coffee table. He eyes the satisfied looking Jisoo suspiciously. ''The arrow you wasn't on purpose, was it?''

''What? Of course not!'' she retaliates defensively. ''Why would I want to hurt them?''

Yoongi scoffs and rolls his eyes, making no effort to comment.


[A few days later at school]

Your POV

You lean against your chair lazily, your face held in a serene expression of utter blankness and boredom.

''Y/N..'' the teacher called out the register as you replied with a monotonous ''here''

''Jack..'' she called out. ''yo''

''Bob..'' the list continued. ''here''


No reply.


No reply.


And again, no fucking reply.

It's been a week since the incident, and since then Taehyung and the boys have been absent. Their absence was indeed peaceful.... as well slightly concerning.

What if he died after I attacked him?

lol stfu Y/N

''Sorry I'm late!'' Jisoo's high pitched voice spoke out, diminishing the short- lived tranquil silence.

And from behind her, three more figures emerged through the door.

''We're back, bitches'' Jimin smiles smugly, sticking both his middle fingers in the air. The class lets out an excited gasp as they walk through, seating themselves at the back of the classroom.

Oh. So he's not dead after all.

You look back at where they're seated, and unexpectedly, they greet you with a smirk.

''you are so dead'' Taehyung mouthes from afar, Jimin and Jungkook beside him cracking their knuckles.

Gulping, you turn back around and face the front, exchanging glances with Jackson.

''...this is war''


ding dong

The bell for lunch break finally rang.

Your hands began to sweat at the thought of three pissed boys cornering you, glaring down at you in contempt while they beat the shit out of you.

Yeah, you were partly at fault for injuring Taehyung again, but he bit you and kind of injured you too, so it's even right?

You and Jackson head to the playgrounds, wary and vigilant of your surroundings.

''hey hey is that them?'' Jackson squints in the distance, eyeing four figures ominously advancing forward. ''shit run''

Why the fuck was Jisoo tagging along with them?

Panting in exertion, you both reach the corner of the playgrounds and stop abruptly at the dead end. ''oh shit''

''well well well...'' A dark voice spoke out, glaring at you beneath hooded eyes.

''You can run, but you can't hide!'' Jisoo cackled.

You scoff, raising an eyebrow inquisitively. ''Who told you to get involved?''

Just as you finish your sentence, havoc unfolds. Jackson charges at the glaring Jimin and they fall to the ground, tackling each other. You then take that chance to punch Jisoo, who yanks at your hair in response.

Jungkook then joins in to save Jimin, grabbing Jackson into a headlock. ''hey-AGHH''

Averting your attention to the trapped Jackson, you attempt to rescue him by releasing your grasp on Jisoo and charge towards Jimin and Jungkook. But you are immediately stopped when a figure stops you midair, crashing you onto the ground.

''not so fast'' Taehyung's raspy voice chimes, trapping you onto the ground.

''let go!'' you struggle to break free, but his grasp on your arms is firm. ''you're just gonna bite me again, aren't you?''

You feel the heat of his gaze burning onto your lips and trailing down to your neck, the iris darkening in color at the mouths proximity. Slowly he leans in, his knees shifting slightly between your thighs. Licking his lips, he inhales deeply and sniffs your neck.

'' stink''

You almost choke. ''stfu I showered this morning- why the hell are you still sniffing me then?''

His doe eyes pierce through yours for a few seconds, and then look away. ''It's hard living on sedatives..'' he mutters, releasing his grasp and standing up. Jisoo watches the two of you with a scowl, and then charges towards Taehyung.

''Taehyung! You can't get close to her because you'll end up drinking again...remember what Namjoon said?''

His dark eyes flicker to her lamely. ''I took a sedative...don't worry''

Jungkook, Jimin and Jackson lay sprawled on the floor, panting. ''...let's call it a truce'' Jungkook suggests, wincing in pain.

Jisoo clenches her fist in impotent rage. ''But I thought you hated her...why do you always end up so close to her? You still secretly like her, don't you!'' she raises her voice, and Jungkook them lot jerk their head back to watch.

You watch in a confused silence. What the hell is she on about?

Taehyung looks to the ground, his bangs shifting and obscuring his hooded eyes. ''...I don't''

Jisoo steps closer until she stands across him. ''Prove it''

He looks up, almost painfully.

And then he kisses her.

It was wet and sloppy, much to his dislike and he pulls back, only to be pulled forward again by Jisoo.

You look away, and so do the rest, fiddling nervously in the awkward silence. Jackson walks towards you and extends a hand to help you up. ''Let's go''

You both walk away, not daring to look back.

What a way to prove his point...geez I get it.

Standing alongside each other, you remain quiet and morose, and after a few minutes of silence you finally decide to speak up.

''Jackson?'' you call.

''huh?'' he responds, craning sideways to meet your gaze.

''Remember when you asked me to date you? I've thought about it...'' you bite your lip as his eyes light up.

''let's do it''

A/N: who's the real hoe


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