forty seven

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i was at david's kitchen with hannah, timmy, zane, carly and charlie, staring at david and kelsey who were now at the living room, talking to each other. he didn't say a thing to me after leaving his room with her, pretending that nothing happened. "kelsey is a nice girl, don't hate her" zane commented.

"i don't hate her" i frowned. "i just get jealous when they're together, they had sex not even a month ago, it's understandable"

he continued. "yeah, but..."

"shut up zane" carly cut him off, making me laugh.

"hey phe" todd came to talk to me. "can i shoot you with a paintball gun to film david's reaction?" i widened my eyes.

"no, oh my god it was a joke!" i exclaimed.

"for 200 hundred dollars?" i stopped to think for a moment.

"okay, let's go" a big smile grew on his face.

"zane will help you, now you two will pretend to film a bit for his video and i will come and shoot you, and you will pretend that you didn't know, is that okay?" todd said and i nodded. "great, now you tell zane that you're in and i will prepare myself"

"yes sir" i gave him two thumbs up before going to talk to zane. he prepared his camera near the living room by the glass table and we started to pretend.

after he introduced his bit, he asked "smash or pass?" he showed me a photo of tom holland.

"tom is a total smash, c'mon" i grabbed my phone to look for a model. "jennifer aniston?"

"smash, but i think it would be weird i don't know" we laughed. we continued like this for a couple more minutes.

"zane, heads up!" todd exclaimed from behind and we turned just to see him with david's gun. zane ran but todd was quick to shoot both of us. me in the arm and zane in the back.

"you son of a bitch!" i put my hand over my arm, groaning in pain. i started to fake cry, making david turn his attention to us.

"todd what the fuck?" david got up. "that's my bit!"

"shut up david" he rolled his eyes, laughing. "she asked for it"

"not cool man" he quickly went to grab his flamethrower on the pool table, turning it on.

todd took a few steps back. "fuck off david" jeff was filming the whole thing. then, david started to run after todd around the house while he screamed some profanities.

david stopped for a few seconds and looked at me, frowning, when todd had nowhere else to go. "wait a minute" he turned off the flamethrower. "this is fake, isn't it?"

"what the fuck are you talking about?" todd was holding his laugh.

"she asked you to shoot her, didn't she?" he pointed to me.

i scoffed. "me? i could never!"

"how much did he pay you?" david crossed his arms when he put down the flamethrower.

"200" i shrugged and took off the stained hoodie, accepting our defeat.

"what? how could you know?!" todd almost yelled, making everyone laugh.

"i know ophelia, she doesn't cry in front of everyone" he walked over towards me, now laughing.

"oh my god! you did that on purpose! i'm not giving you 200" toddy joked.

zane rolled his eyes. "she's a model not an actress"

"hey! it's not my fault that david knows me!" i said while david wrapped his arms around me.

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