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This is more of a filler chapter, it gets interesting in the next chapters, I promise! 😈


I CLUTCHED at the essay in my hands and breathed in deeply, before I entered the museum with a smile. I instantly loved the fact I was greeted by the smell of history. Yes, I know that sounds bizarre, but I always thought places like this smelt a certain way: old, interesting, magical, and I loved it.

Feeling nervous, I reached the front desk. A small old lady sat behind it, barely reaching the top of the counter.

"Hi," I smiled. "My names Ava. I'm here to apply for the Historical Assistant position."

She looked surprised, "Oh, you have? Nobody has applied for that yet, and it's been up for three months."

"Really? I hope you're still doing the interviews." I'd be so upset if it had expired or something...

"Of course, my dear. We have yet to hire someone."

She pressed a buzzer on her table. "Mrs Lee will be down soon." She gestured towards a chair next to a round table. "If you want to take a seat there, she will be with you in a few moments. Mrs Lee is the manager here, she's a lovely woman, very friendly."

"Thanks ever so much Miss..."

"Please, call me Mary, my dear."

"Thank you, Mary."

I had barely taken a seat when a tall, slender lady turned the corner, our eyes connecting instantly. She wore a long khaki dress down to her shins and white pumps. Her hair was a short, cropped mousey colour and I could tell she couldn't care much for makeup. You and me both. Her eyes suddenly widened, before she quickly smiled at me.

What was that all about...?

"Hello," she greeted. "What can I help you with today?"

I stood up nervously. "I'm here to apply for the position in the window. If you'd kindly let me."

She looked shocked, like Mary had a few moments ago. "Thank you for letting me know Mary, I'll take it from here."

Mary nodded. "Good luck, dear."

I smiled tentatively as Mrs Lee gestured for me to follow her.

I glanced at the essay in my hands before I followed suite.

Well, this could either go amazingly well, or absolutely terrible...

~~~ ~~~~ ~~~

Mrs Lee looked at me in disbelief.

Oh shit, here we go...

I'm sorry, but your essay was rubbish and-

"The job is yours."

My jaw dropped open.

"It is?"

She smiled. "Of course it is. Your essay and interview style was impeccable and you already have a range of ideas to incorporate into the museum, which I am more than happy to back and help you with. When could you start?"

My heart stuttered. Oh shit. I was so overwhelmed and excited about applying, I didn't actually think of the consequences if she said yes...

"Well, at the minute I'm living in a town about an hour away and I work in a small restaurant. But if I was allowed to start next month, that would allow me time to sort some things out?" I asked anxiously, knowing it would put her off.

Instead, she just nodded. "Of course. How about you start in 4 weeks' time? I know how it can be- applying for a job whilst having one already, it's a tough one. A month should allow you time to hand in your notice, but may I ask, will you be moving here? I mean, with all due respect Ava, it's very far away to travel every day and I'd need you to be punctual, the hours are quite demanding."

"I completely understand Mrs Lee. I have savings, and it's always been a dream of mine to move here. I'm actually on holiday here visiting at the moment. I'm going to make sure I can make some arrangements for when I'm due to start."

"Excellent. I'll give you my number. I know a few cheap housing places around here if you ever need any help. If you can't sort anything out before the 4 weeks, then please let me know."

"Absolutely Mrs Lee. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I won't let you down!"

She looked at my arm that was in its cast, concern etching her face. "Will you be okay lifting heavy objects with that cast on?"

"I should be having it off within the next few weeks, it was only a small fracture. I'll make sure to prepare myself with getting used to lifting heavy things. I swear to you Mrs Lee, I won't disappoint. I'm so thankful I have the opportunity to work here, and to work for you."

She stood up, reaching out to shake my good hand. "Congratulations, Ava. I'll just print out the terms and conditions of your position, which includes your hours and pay. You will get paid on a weekly basis. I'll also pop my number on there, in case you need to contact me regarding anything."

I sighed a breath of relief.

I had just got my dream job!

--- ------------------------------  ----

"What do you mean you have a new job?!"

I groaned, rubbing my temples. "Mum-"

"-Well it can't be here, Ava. There's not enough jobs going in our town. So where is it?" I could practically see the light bulb go on inside her head as she realised, gasping. "Not in Wenbrooke?!"

"Here me out, please?"

"Ava, you can't just up and leave!"

"Mum, I'm an adult. I'm turning twenty this month. It's my dream job, I'm going to be working in a museum. You know I adore history. It's in my favourite town, it's a win-win for me."

"It isn't for me! My little girl is leaving me. I'm coming over there right now."

I suddenly felt really bad. "We really need to discuss this mum. Although I'm not going to change my mind. It's what I want. What I need."

I heard her sniffling down the phone and my heart twanged with remorse. I guess I could've given her some warning, but this all came so spontaneously.

Sometimes the best opportunities come up out of the blue.

This was going to be a new start.

"I'll come down there tomorrow. It's Saturday, which I have off. No point you wasting your holiday and money to come back home. We can finally have that girly day."

I smiled softly.

Girly day- despite the situation and my mum being upset, I liked the sound of that.

It was onwards and upwards from here.

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