✨part 1✨

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Yeah I'm just writing some sad fluff uwu
Also, yes I ship it
Also yes this story has two parts, so this is the first!
[Goggles Pov]
"Morning guys! Haha.. Sorry I'm late!!", I said and waved to my teammates as I came to them, and turned from my squid form to kid form.
"YOUR CLOTHES SLIPPED AGAIN! GEEZ!",Glasses yelled as he gave me my clothes back,since they fell off from me. Whoops, seems like I didn't notice.
"Thanks!", I said as I got dressed up and smiled. For some reason, Glasses is really cute. I've never been asked for a better leader than him!.
"So you guys are ready to train?", Headphones smiled and took out her weapon.
"Training train~", Bobble cheered as she and put her hands out in the air and did some moves.
"Yeah! Let's go!", Glasses said and lead the way for where we're going to train.

-minutes later-

As the training was over, and after we did some turf wars, all of us got tired and left, since everyone had busy stuff to do or either way they were tired.
Bobble was going on a date with Mask, and Headphones was going on a date for Skull. I don't know what about Glasses but, I was alone. I just felt so alone, I sat on a bench and stared at the floor.
"It feels so lonely..", I said in a sad tone. But then got happy again cause I had an idea,"I'll just text my friends!~".
::first try::
GO!BLUE! - Goggles's username)
--GO!BLUE! entered the chat--


--Rider had entered the chat--

Rider: what?

GO!BLUE!: wanna hang-out together? 😃

Rider: can't. I'm busy.

GO!BLUE!: aw come on, pls?

--Rider has left the chat--

GO!BLUE!: ok..

::Second try::

--GO!BLUE! has entered the chat--


ArmyTeamOrange: why in the world would I even die?!

GO!BLUE!: um anyways owo, wanna hangout?? 😃

ArmyTeamOrange: sorry Goggles, but I'm very busy this week.

--ArmyTeamOrange has left the chat--

::back to Goggles Pov after lots of tries with everyone he knows::

Nobody was free to hangout with.. Aloha, Skull, Inkfall, Emperor, Prince, Gloves... Almost everyone of my friends!..
I started tearing up, hugging my knees, still sitting on the bench and started to cry while I rest my head on my knees. It feels so lonely... Are they lying they're busy? Do they hate me?

[Glasses's pov]
I was walking in the city, looking for something to do. I was all free, alone, nobody wanted to hang out with me. Bobble and Headphones are busy on their dates, I'm honestly happy they have another people on their side, not just me and Goggles.
I didn't wanted to go for a turf war, since our team has been already did lots of practicing and wars today. I kept thinking on what to do, but suddenly I heard someone crying. I looked behind me, and saw... Wait, is that Goggles? Why is he crying?. I ran up to him, he was hugging his knees and crying.
"Goggles? What's wrong?..", I asked him softly, "please look at me...", I tried to lift up his head but he refused and kept crying. He didn't answered or said anything.
Poor guy, nobody really spends time with him, he's an amazing person, a cheerful and a beautiful one you wanna stay with all the time.
After two minutes, he lifted up his head a little, which made me see his eyes being so emotional, the tears are still falling down from his face.
I sat next to him and hugged him and pat his back,"shh, it's fine..take your time, when you're calm tell me what's wrong, ok?", I whispered and he nodded for a yes answer and hugged back, he kept crying while resting his head on my shoulder as we still hugged each other.
After some time, he calmed down and stopped sobbing and crying.
"Glasses.. I, I just.. Feel so lonely. Everyone are so busy lately and I just feel so thrown out... Are you, free to hangout with?..", he whispered in a sad tone.
"Goggles...", I said as I looked at him.
"I... I love you Glasses, and always been in love with you. I wanna be more than friends.. Be something different together with you. You're so amazing, so caring and sweet, you care about me the most. Please...", he held my clothes tighter and layed his head on my chest,"if you don't love me back that way, at least don't leave me...".
I let go of the hug as I blushed softly, looked at Goggles I noticed he blushed too, so cute.
"I love you too, Goggles. Youre so amazing, cheerful and caring, and you're the sweetest thing ever..", I said smiling as I gave him a small kiss on the cheek that made him giggle,"of course I'll stay by your side, forever".
"Thank you Glasses..you mean a lot to me!", he said happily, back to his cheerful sweet voice again, and hugged me. I hugged back and Pat his head as we both smiled and giggled together.
"So where you wanna hangout at?", I asked,"maybe to Aloha's party? I've seen a post he made on 'InstaSplatSquidGram' that he does a big party where everyone are invited. And you like parties, so wanna go?".
He let go of the hug, and held my hands, looking into my eyes smiling.
"Maybe we can go to my place? We can make a party just us! Like a sleepover! It will be amazing!", he said as his smile got bigger and his eyes sparkled.
"I love that idea. Let's do it!", I said as I smiled back, and felt my face blushing more.
"Also um..can I be your... Boyfriend? P-please?", he asked shyly. I laughed just at how cute he is, he got confused wondering what's so funny to me. I kissed his cheek again and smiled at him.
"I already am your boyfriend, come on, let's go", I said as I held his hand, he nodded, and both of us went to his place, making our own party together, just us to have out own fun.

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