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"what the hell are you doing?"

"rerouting the location analyzer."

"are you trying to kill us?"

"nah, just you."

"jeon jeongguk, i swear to alexis, do not connect those-"

"aaand done."

taehyung closed his eyes.

he was almost positive that jeongguk had just blown up planet C43.

he waited for the boom.

and waited.

and waited.

finally he opened his eyes when he realized he was still alive and exhaled a breath he didn't even realize he was holding.

"see, i told you we would be-"

the room turned red as lights began to flash.

"warning, danger, danger."

the female voice echoed throughout the room as taehyung looked at jeongguk with the intent to kill.

before he could murder jeongguk the brunette dashed out of the room with a vicious taehyung following.

as they made it out of the entrance the building exploded and both boys went tumbling to the ground.

as smoke rose in the air they coughed and wiped dirt off of their clothes and out if their hair.

"you really did it now jeongguk. you really fucking did it now."

jeongguk stuck his tongue in his cheek as he twitched his head.

"wonder what i did wrong."

"you blew up the building. we were given one simple order. don't touch anything."

as the two boys got to their feet they heard the familiar sound of the sirens as they approached them.

when the police cars arrived the chief stepped out and looked at the scene that lay before him.

he then spotted the blonde and brunette.

"jeon jeongguk and kim taehyung. i should've known."

jeongguk shyly chuckled as he looked the chief in his eyes.

"h-hi dad."

a/n: unedited, also jeongguk and taehyung look how they did in the dna era.

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