Untitled Part 16

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I had once thought that flying would be worth the fall. The sun would warm my skin as I dipped and dived between the rolling waves. I had thought that the freedom of the sky would make my years of solitude, trapped within this grand tower, worth it. And as I stood on the ledge with my arms outstretched I was not afraid to fall. I was happy to leave behind the world I knew for the chance to fly. The thought of falling never even crossed my mind.

But oh, I fell. There was a moment, just for a second, when wings lifted me up and away. But oh, it was brief. The sun scorched my back. It burned trails of pain into my skin. The ocean's salt dug in. A searing, screaming pain.

And oh, how I fell. Tumbled from the sky. I landed heavily among the waves. Caught in their swel and dragged under. Twisted and spun until I couldn't tell which way was up and which was down. The water burned my lungs, drowning me. Cursing me. Punishing me for the hubris of thinking that I could fly. Of thinking there could be more to the world than the stone and wood constructs of man.

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