So what's happening?

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Sean drags me to the game room we apparently have at the base for some reason, to spend some 'quality' time as he puts it. I follow without a word, mainly because I needed a small break from Shiny...

We stop as a pool table. Sean grabs two pool sticks and hands one to me. 

"Have you ever played before?" he asks quietly as he leans against the table, looking at me with an unreadable expression. I shake my head as an answer. Sean scoffs and chuckles a little at my behaviour. 

"Cute..." I hear him mumble, or maybe it was my imagination. 

I tilt head head confused as he sets up the pool balls. 

"Do I have to play?" I whisper, looking around awkwardly. Sean looks up at me with a small smile visible on his face. I can feel my cheeks flaring at the sight. It's just so rare to see him smile much...or maybe I just don't pay enough attention him and everyone else. 

This makes me feel bad now. 

"C-could you teach me how to play pool?" I stammer out. Sean smirks at me and nods. 

"Alright so, just come over to where I am." 

I walk over to where Sean is and he pulls me close so my back is on his chest. He takes the pool stick out of my hands and gives me the one he was holding. Placing his hands over mine, my cheeks warm at the touch. W-what's happening with me...?

"Ok, so this is how to play..." 

He teaches me and takes his time, even though I messed up a few times. After a good 30 minutes, I got the basics and we played a few rounds. With Sean winning most. He let me win once or twice to make me feel better. But I had a lot of fun!

"So, Aria," I look up at Sean holding a bowl of popcorn. I tilt my head in confusion. 

"How about a break and we watch a movie? Just some quality time~" he grabs my hand gently and leads me to a theatre room that we have in the base. Oh Arceus, this bas really is huge to be able to fit so much rooms. 

He enters first and I hear quiet voices. I enter after him and notice Star and Ryuu cuddling on a small couch. 

"Tch. Lovebirds," Sean snickers, his arm around my shoulders. Star and Ryuu jump from each other and look away blushing. 

"H-hey guys," Ryuu stutters, looking at us with a small blush on her face. Star just has a pillow on his face. 

"So, movie?" I ask. 

"I want some fantasy, maybe a Star Wars marathon," Sean pipes up, already eating the popcorn. 

Star takes the pillow away from his face and looks at Sean with an brow raised. 

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