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Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"get out my face, I'm tired of seeing you" my momma boyfriend told me. I scrunched my face up at him cause this nigga tripping

"ma" I pointed to my momma warning her. This nigga just don't fucking know

It's Wednesday, and they been tripping since I got back

"respect yo' elders, bye" I started laughing cause she tripping too.. as usual

"oh so both of y'all on that donkey gas, chill" I told them, I was tryna do my homework and they can't even leave me alone. It's late at night

"who is you talking to, yo' lil ass better chill out. I'll beat yo' ass" he threatened. you might get a lil hit, but you ain't beating shit.

that's a big ass promise, and if he do that'll be the last hit he ever get

" nah for real though, I'm tryna do my homework, so can y—-"

"no go upstairs in yo' room, and get out the living room" my momma told me. I'm convinced her boyfriend making her lose her mind

She ain't never act like this 'til she met her boyfriend. Now she dead me out

I just sat there and thought about life for a minute, but got interrupted. Ain't no type of peace round this bitch

"take yo' ass upstairs" I opened my eyes, and my momma boyfriend was in face. Nigga must want a kiss

"you gone back up?" I asked cause he was extra close to my face

"no go upstairs" he said

"back up" nigga don't understand English

he looked at me for a good 3 seconds before slapping me

Yeah you done

my momma just sat there and let it happen. I was shook as fuck.  I got up taking my phone, but I left my homework

I went upstairs to my room, and looked at the time. It was 12: 47

I blew my daddy phone up this nigga ain't answer. It's the wrong time for him to not be answering the phone

I called my grandma, and she answered. I was surprised by that cause she normally be sleep

I called her to get me, I packed my bookbag up and got my phone charger

I had to go cause I was on some killing shit now that he done slapped me

"and where you think you going?" my momma asked getting up following behind me. You already know her peasant Ass boyfriend got up too

I Ignored her

"oh so yo' ass can't talk now"

"Hello?" Marcus said waving in my face and tapping me

"Marcus you not my daddy, so you can leave me alone. You already did enough talking and touching for the night, and for yo' life. Leave me the hell alone"

At this point they both was getting on my nerves. My grandma finally came, and we left

"that nigga going to jail, both of them. Come on Kamyrnn" my grandma said before we got out the car. It was dark and cold

She put the password in to the gates and we got in. We was standing at the door ringing the doorbell over and over again

deep sleep I see

My daddy finally came to the door

"What y'all doing here?" He asked as we came in, and he shut the door behind us

my grandma waited for me to speak

"go head Kam, tell him what you told me"

"Marcus slapped me"

"he slapped you?" he looked at me with his eyes wide. I nodded informing him again

" this nigga gone have to see me" my daddy said getting ready to go upstairs, but my grandma stopped him

"wait! Kentrell its 1 in the morning, so don't go up there to them people house. They gone call the police on you, you know how that go" my grandma said

"ma, this grown man putting his hands on her. Ion even slap her or beat her, so what make him think he can do it?" he looked at her

my daddy don't beat me, I don't do nothing to get him to that point

I know my boundaries

"you gotta think smart, calm down" he calmed down and got his thoughts together, but you can see he was still mad

"ma turn on the light so in can see" he said before she turned the light on. He started looking at my face

"he had to hit you hard as hell cause the nigga hand print still on yo' face. It hurt?"

"Yeah it sting"

"What was you Doing To Make Him slap you, and why the fuck you momma accept that shit?" he asked

"I was tryna do my homework, and they kept bothering me. They started talking crazy, so my momma told me to get out the living room and go upstairs. I was just like nah it's cool. so I'm chilling, and Marcus start getting all in my face. I asked him to back up and he wouldn't move, so I told him to back up. That when he slapped me" I explained

"What the fuck man — let me see yo' phone" he said taking it out my hand " Ima take these pictures of yo' face , and don't delete them"

"you got a ice pack?" I asked

"yeah come on" he said walking to the kitchen and I followed behind him

"y'all good, I can go?" my grandma asked

"yeah ma we good, love you"

after all that we went to sleep, and by this time it was at least 1:30

what happens next? ..

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