List of ships

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Hello everyone~

This isn't exactly a chapter but it is a list of ships that have been mentioned and hinted towards. So here they are:

Sylvikarp - Shiny x Sylvee

DestinyHeartShipping - Ryuu x Star

PoisonousRetardShipping - Toxic x Sean

HetaliaShipping - Toxic x Ryuu

SnowFairy - Sean x Sylvee 

EnglishFoxShipping - Ryuu x Sylvee

CasualStyleShipping - Sean x Ryuu

RocketShipping - Rocket x rockets 

Now we need to add more ships so here's the opportunity to do so! I will name some pairings and everyone can choose a ship name for that pairing.

Just remember guys, this is for COMPLETE FUN! This doesn't mean I think you guys pair well. I just do this for the fun of this book! 

Now here are some pairings!

Shiny x Star

Toxic x Vent

Ashura x Addy 

Ryuu x Lily 

Rikusp x VJ

See you all later in the next chapter! I love you, my family~

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