Chapter 1, Part 1

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Hollywood Hero is Book 3 in the Hollywood in Muskoka series.

The characters Wendy, Halden, Marie-Eve, Mopette, Rachel and Mickey were introduced in Caught on Camera, Book 1 in the series. I suggest you read Caught on Camera first.

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Chapter 1

He's Just Not That Into You

Unrequited love was hell on earth.

"Do it." Wendy glared at Marie-Eve's reflection in the mirror from her perch in a friend's hair salon off-off-off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Late afternoon sun, warm for the last day of May, angled through the window to her left.

Marie-Eve, aspiring stylist to the stars, wrinkled her pert nose in a discrete grimace and tried again. "You are certain? Your dark hair, so thick and curly, is beautiful." She twisted a lock of the shoulder-length hair around her finger and released the bouncy ringlet. Ignoring the determined set to Wendy's jaw, she tried again. "Maybe highlights?"

Wendy frowned at Marie-Eve's gentle resistance to her plan. "Straight and blond. That's what I want."

Halden Armstrong, A-list star of the Apollo superhero film franchise and her boss, had wasted no time hooking up with another willowy blond beauty after his divorce from Candy Kane became final. Two nights ago he'd escorted Bella Consella to the opening of her latest movie Space Siren. Paparazzi caught them kissing at the after-party.

Was Halden dating Bella? Her heart twisted like a wrung out cloth. Speculation dominated that Monday morning's entertainment and social media feeds. The starlet was talented, extraordinarily beautiful, and hot, hot, hot. Once Bella sank her manicured talons into Halden, Wendy'd have no chance at all. Nada. Not unless she transformed her Latina self into his ideal woman: beautiful, blond, and model-thin like his former wife Candy.

"I should never have waited until his divorce became final," she moaned.

Behind her, a hair color chart in hand, Marie-Eve stilled. "Is this about Halden?"

Wendy slapped a hand over her mouth. "Oops. Did I say that out loud?"

Fists on narrow hips, Marie-Eve reproved, "You must be yourself. It is the only way to l'amour."

"I've been myself for nine months, working with him every day." Wendy slumped in the salon chair. "He likes me, all right. He tells me all the time that he appreciates what I do. Unfortunately he just doesn't think of me in a romantic way." Tears welled. Her throat thickened. She hiccuped, sniffed, and wiped the back of her hand across stinging eyes.

Wendy put the "personal" in personal assistant. She made it her business to know Halden's tastes. She kept a list on her phone of his food and drink preferences, his favorite restaurants, brands of clothing, shoes, sports equipment and technology. She bought gifts on his behalf for his extended family, close friends and show business contacts. She anticipated every request, uncannily able to read his mind because she obsessively tracked his wants and needs. She'd made herself indispensable. Yet, every night she sat alone in her airless Los Angeles studio apartment while he escorted the most beautiful women in the world to film premieres, parties, and the hottest restaurants.

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