Our Table

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Skylar's POV


Alarm clocks, great, I love those. I really hope you heard the sarcasm in that, because, there was a ton of it. Anyways, I smack the alarm clock, making it stop beeping. I take a shower and brush my teeth, I quickly throw on a white t-shirt and blue jeans. 

I quickly get out of the apartment and lock it, I'll eat something at the hospital. When I lock the apartment, I bump into someone.

"Whoops." I say. "Sorry, I should have watched where I was going."

"Yeah, me too." She says. "I was locking my door and I was in a hurry."

"Me too." I say, finally looking up. "Laura?!"

"Skylar?!" She says, as surprised as me. "Oh my god! You told me yesterday we lived the same building, why am I so surprised?"

"Yeah, same." I say. "Do you need a ride?"

"Yeah, I-I guess." She stutters a bit, I wonder why?

"Okay, come on." I say, walking down the hallway, with her beside me.

We go outside and we climb on the motorcycle, I drive to the hospital.

When we enter I get a page.

"I have to go." I say to Laura. "I'll see you around."

"Thanks for the drive." She smiles.

"No problem." I say.

I go to the room, from which I got a page from. Oh! Today we're discharging Rob, I almost forgot. I enter the room, Rob and Emily both smile at me.

"Hey guys." I say. "Ready to go home, Rob?"

"Oh yeah." He laughs. "Don't take this as offence, but you're Jell-o sucks."

"I don't take it as offence." I say. "First off, I don't make it, and I agree."

"Okay." They laugh.

I sign a part of the paper that I'm supposed to, I hand the paper to them, letting them read it over. When they finish, they both sign it.

"Goodbye." Says Emily.

"Bye." I say.

"See you around?" Says Rob, but it comes out as a question.

"Well, let's hope it's not in the same circumstances." I smile.

"Yeah, we agree." Laughs Emily. 

I smile and nod, then I leave the room, getting onto my other patients.


Laura's POV

"See! I told you!" I say. "She treats her patients better than anyone in this hospital!"

We're all kind of spying on Skylar, which isn't the best thing you want your colleagues/friends to do, but it's helping her popularity, if there is any in this hospital.

"Wow!" They all say.

"Why did everyone think she is heartless to her patients?" Asks Cara, we all get back to looking normal, as Skylar walks out of the room.

"Because, from the naked eye, it looks like she doesn't care." Says David.

"But, when you look closer, like Laura did." Says Eric. "You see the true Skylar."

I don't know why, but I blush at the comment, we all look at the time and see that it's lunch time. We all get to the cafeteria, we see Skylar walking down there, looking at her charts as she walks. 

"Hey Skylar!" We say, trying to scare her, she doesn't flinch.

"Hey guys." She responds with. "Are we eating at the stretchers again?"

"Nah, let's change it up today." Says Nathan. "Let's eat in the cafeteria."

We all nod and get ourselves some food, we sit down at a table. We must have taken a group's table because there's a group staring at us, after whispering to each other, they decide to come to us. 

"Yo, people are coming this way." Says David. "They look angry."

"They can't do much." Shrugs Skylar.

When the people come, there are five of them, the middle one clears his throat, we all look up at him, Skylar speaks.

"Yes?" She asks. "Do you need anything?"

"Yes, I need you to get out off of our table." He says. 

"Your table?" Asks Skylar, calmly. "There are like, ten other tables, why don't you sit there and stop fussing about it."

"No, I want this table, now get off." He says, very angrily. 

"I think you need to calm down, it's just a table, there's like, no sad story behind why you guys HAVE to sit here." Says Skylar, still looking calm.  "Now, stop making a scene and sit down, you're wasting my lunch and I have a lot of patients to get to."

"Well, I feel bad for all those patients." He says. "Getting treated by a heartless doctor."

Eric shoots up, he looks so angry, I think I'm seeing smoke coming out of his ears and nose.

"Eric, calm down." Says Skylar, he doesn't sit down, Skylar shoots him a look, causing him to sit down, she starts talking to the guy again. "Look, if you have nothing better to do than to be rude to your colleagues, I suggest leaving this hospital, we respect each other here, not put each other down, now leave before I let him do whatever he wanted to do to you, I might join in too. So, I suggest sitting at another table... please."

The whole group looks at her with wide eyes, they all nod and sit down at another table. They continue whispering to each other, while glancing a couple of times at Skylar.

"That..." Says Cara. "Was amazing."

"Thanks." Says Skylar. "But, I seriously should go, see you all later."

She gets up and leaves, we all stay and continue talking.

"I still can't believe they would say that to her." Says Eric, through gritted teeth. "She's an amazing doctor and even more amazing person."

"Some people haven't seen that yet." I say. "Others... think they're better."

"I also can't believe she stayed so... calm." Says Nathan. "I definitely would have punched him in the face, well, I was about to..."

"Good thing she didn't." Says David. "Would have made an even bigger scene."

"True." We all shrug.  

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