Chapter Twenty-two

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Kita awoke to Kimmy kissing her neck. She lay against Arcee and Kimmy was curled up around her. With a yawn, Kita reached up and ran her fingers through Kimmy's hair.

"Meow," said Kita softly.

"Hey," said Kimmy. "I gotta go."

"Oh, but..."

"Sorry. If I'm not in my room when the Secret Service comes to pick me up, they'll lose their collective minds."

"You could tell them what you have been doing and had protection this whole time," said Arcee.

Kita giggled.

"I'll find time to do it again," said Kimmy. "Promise." She leaned over and kissed Kita, gently sucking on her lower lip.

A pleasant tingle ran up Kita's spine. Kita rolled over and gave Kimmy a hug. "You're welcome any time."

The two girls slid off the beanbag. Kita went to the bedroom and found a pair of pajama bottoms and a hoodie to wear. When she returned to the living area, Kimmy was dressed. Kita escorted Kimmy to the door.

"Thank you." Kimmy gave Kita a hug.

"Thank you. I had fun."

"So did I." Kimmy stroked Kita's cheek.

Kita captured Kimmy's hand and kissed the palm.

Kimmy hugged Kita fiercely. "I don't want to go," she whispered.

"I'm sorry. I'll see you at breakfast."

"I'll be working."

"Then at the briefing."


Kita kissed Kimmy.

Kimmy opened the door, took Kita's hand, and squeezed it. Kita reluctantly let it go as Kimmy left. After closing the door, Kita climbed up the beanbag chair and curled up next to Arcee.

"She seemed happy and sad," said Arcee.

"I no longer think I'm the one in the cage. She is," said Kita.

"I hope we showed her how to remove a few bars. How are you?"

"Oh, slag. I still can't feel my legs, and my hearing is muffled." Arcee giggled. "Your fingers are incredible."

"I do have incredible dexterity and am ambidextrous."

"Did we do ok by you?"

"Oh, yes. You are both pleasurable to look at."

Kita yawned. "Oh, good. Ok. I'm going back to bed." She snuggled up to Arcee, putting her head on Arcee's shoulder and fell back asleep.


Kita and Arcee arrived for the briefing early. Arcee would give a large portion and wanted time to prepare her message. Kita gave Arcee a hug and left to find a place to sit in the audience. As Kita climbed the stadium seating steps, a whistle caught her attention. Adrestia waved to her. Kita moved to the second row and sat beside her.

"Hey," said Kita with a big smile. She hadn't been able to get rid of it all morning.

"Look at you," said Adrestia. "You're absolutely radiant."

"What?" Kita said blushing, trying to hide her smile.

"I've been around long enough to know an afterglow when I see one. So what was it like?"


Kita remained seated as Adrestia stood. Kimmy entered and waved everyone to be seated.

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