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I am sitting at the bench admiring the way Lisa plays basketball. You wouldn't believe that she's a player,  like you wouldn't believe that she's an agent.

I hate to admit it but I'm jealous everytime someone get near her. I know our relationship is bullshit because it's not even like a relationship. I want more of her not just that stupid label,  i want to feel her— what the fuck am I thinking?

I am lost in my own thoughts again,  I jump after Lisa's touch.

" You scared  me! "

" Sorry,  we'll be extending " she said.

" What?! "

" You can go home first if you want to Jen " she said and turn her back from me.

I got pissed with her attitude, after extending she has the guts to turn her back?  Really?

I calm myself and tried calling Dad.

He then answered after a few rings. "Hello Goodafternoon "

" Daddd! I want to go home! " I whined desperately.

" Then go home honey,  I'm on my way to a business meeting " he said as if it's not important.

" I can't,  Lisa has still a practice,  and Dad why are you allowing my agent to be a normal student? "

" You mean your girlfriend? " he said teasingly.

" Whatever, we'll be home late then.  Bye Dad, I love you. "

" Okay honey,  I love you.  Do take care "

I ended the phone immediately because I saw Lisa running her way towards me.

" What now? " I asked irritated.

" Stay.  Let's have dinner after this " she said and left again without waiting for my answer.

She makes me look a fool for the second time now everytime she turns her back.

I immediately dialed Dads number to inform him.  I don't know but he told me to tell him every plans I have in mind,  tho I'm at the right age now but the way he is treating me is soo—

" What is it this time? " that's my dad.

" We'll be home later that late Dad. She just ask me for a date " I said smiling.

" Okay. Enjoy " he ended without another word.  Just WOW.

I waited for a hour and a half,  I'm fucking hungry now.

Lisa is walking her way towards me,  I stand up and was about to speak to her when.

" Lisa,  where are you taking us? " that Yubi girl ask.

" I'll just ask Jen " she then turn her gaze into me only to meet my flaring glare.

" Uh.  Je—n? " wow. Did she just stutter?

" Let's go home,  I'm tired " I said and turn my back from herm can't she sense that I'm hungry? I thought we will have a fine dinner but all along she planned it with Yubi too?

I started walking fast and I can hear Lisa's footsteps running after me.

" Are you hungry? "

" No " I lied.

" Okay.  Let's go home " she can't be serious!  This girl really. I look at her without any emotion.

" What? " she ask uncomfortably.

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