Who's The New Cutie-Pasta?

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8:08 AM, Toby was still asleep.

I had gotten up early to prepare breakfast for the both of us. It was nice to have someone to wake up with, eat breakfast etc.

Today I was planning on taking Toby outside. I wanted to spend some time just the two of us.

I was happily in the kitchen, making pancakes. I wanted to make sure not to feed Toby too much sugar, so I prepared an apple and some orange juice as well. But since he was tiny, I would offer his a tiny cup for a plate.

The smell of cooked pancakes filled the place, making my stomach growl. I cut two small pieces and placed them on Toby's ‘plate’ and went to wake him up.

He was peacefully sleeping and snoring. I poked his back gently.

“Wake up, Toby. It's time for breakfast, I made some tasty pancake with apples and some orange juice.”

He slowly woke up and stared at me with sleepy eyes. He quickly got up and climbed on my hand, leaving his mouthguard and goggles on his bed.

I walked to the kitchen and placed him on the table. I could see him smile at the sight of pancakes. He started to eat with me quietly, twitching once in a while, but he seemed more comfortable with me. It made me happy to see him slowly becomi---

“Do you l-live alone?”

“Well, yeah… I used to live alone before you came, which made my life really boring… So that's wh--”



“S-Sorry… I-It was my tic…. I couldn't c-cont-trol it…”

“Ah, that's alright, Tony.”

“It's Toby”

“Y-Yeah, sorry, I meant Toby.”

He smiled a bit.

“As I was saying…. I was thinking of adopting an animal to keep me company, but I ended up choosing you.”


“....Because you were looking lonely and, special in some ways…”

I noticed that he blushed a bit. He mumbled a ‘thanks’ that wasn't very easy to hear, but I read his lips. I smiled.

I decided to change the subject..

“So, I was thinking about taking you out… What do you think?”

“S-Sure! When?”

“Whenever you want.”

“Y/n, m-may I ask you a q-q-que-question?”


“If you had the change, would y-you adopt more C-C-Creepypastas?”

“......Why are you asking?” I asked in curiosity.

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