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I've already discussed some of them, but there are many stereotypes out there for both introverts and extroverts alike.

Not all athletes are extroverts.
It's easy to think that people who like performing sport in front of a huge audience must be extroverted. That's not the case. Many are quiet, preferring time alone resting after their workout than going to a party to celebrate a victory. And not all introverts dislike sport.

Not all extroverts are loud.
One of my classmates at university was an extrovert but she was quietly spoken. She is the most optimistic, happy person I've met, not letting her disability affect her. I never felt drained by being around her. She never raised her voice.

Not all extroverts are attention seeking
Extroverts don't all love being the centre of attention. They don't all actively seek attention. Many would even avoid it. They aren't all bold and confident, either. We all have insecurities and doubts.

Not all extroverts are unempathetic
Yeah, as introverts we've all heard the stupid comments from those who can't put themselves in our shoes, but that doesn't mean all extroverts behave the same way. Extroverts can be deeply caring. And some introverts can have very low empathy levels.

Not all introverts are self absorbed.
We spend alot of time thinking, particularly about our own experiences, but we aren't all wrapped up in ourselves so much we take no notice of others. We notice. Alot.

Not all introverts like being indoors all the time.
Wildlife camera men and women could be introverts, alone in the countryside. Walkers, cyclists, dog owners, nature lovers, all out there enjoying fresh air. Many of them are introverts.

Not all introverts dislike people
We just prefer them in small doses and then need time by ourselves to recharge.

Not all old people are introverts, and not all young people like clubbing, music gigs and partying.
I know plenty of extroverted old people, my gran included. Out socialising most days, chatting, involved in social groups. And many young people like being alone with quiet, solitary hobbies.

Not all actors are extroverts.
You might think that people who enjoy performing before an audience are therefore extroverts. Not true. Some actors are introverts. They enjoy performing because it gives them the opportunity to spend a short time being someone else, having traits they don't really have. But they enjoy going back to themselves afterwards. Alot of actors are quiet observers, they need that perception to influence their roles. They aren't all brimming with self confidence either. Colin O'Donoghue (surprise, surprise) admits to being uncomfortable talking about himself, he would rather discuss his roles. He took up acting to be people he is not, to have that confidence he doesn't have in himself.

Not all introverts like reading.
Some find it boring. Whereas some extroverts enjoy reading.

We don't always fit nicely into our perceived roles. An Introvert could enjoy a supposedly extroverted activity from time to time, and vice versa.

The only thing we really are, is ourselves.


Can you think of any other stereotypes? Do you enjoy any activities or interests which surprise some people?
(I enjoy reciting poetry and reading Shakespeare out loud. Nobody suspects that of me, but I loved reading out different Shakespearean roles in my university class)

 Nobody suspects that of me, but I loved reading out different Shakespearean roles in my university class)

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