A Love Poem to my Best Friend

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"Welcome to my castle", your eyes were bright with pride.

You pointed to your fort of sticks and held your arms out wide. 

The air was hot and sticky, mosquitoes nipped our skin.

You and I were ready for an adventure to begin. 

We sat on moldy carpet, we stole from a neighbors yard.

And ate all the ripe tomatoes we got your mother to discard.

We would hang from vines like Tarzan, and from trees without a care.

We climbed the rafters in your barn We should have died right there.

Our faces were always dirty. Our feet were always black.

Gatorade and Blueberry pop tarts filled up my backpack.

At school, we were the outcast, the girls who played like boys.

But you and I were impervious we held ourselves with poise.

Our summers have changed a lot, for better or for worse.

Our castle is my Chevy and there are pop tarts in my purse.

We learned to do eyeliner and we were too much perfume.

We got kicked out of Walmart for stealing a costume.

We sit in a parking lot and eat a large McDonald's fry.

I called your Ex after he dumped you. I even made him cry.

I made out with my brothers best friend in the tree we used to climb.

The girls who used to bully us come over all the time. 

We begged our moms for sleepovers, now you live in my dorm.

You are the calm I need when my life becomes a storm.

We live so far away from home our fort still calls to me. 

I hope someday we'll go back there and climb our favorite tree. 

You and I, and you and me, we grew up much the same.

I can be myself with you. You never cause me pain. 

We gave up our bikes for cars, and we traded juice for coffee.

The doctors gave me Aderal to cure my ADHD.

In four years we will start real jobs and our childhoods will die.

Until that day I know that you will always be nearby. 

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