Ice cream day catastrophe

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Me and Jesse already got our ice cream and are slowly walking towards the park,Daniel catches up with us and then Jesse runs of to the park me and Daniel slowly walk towards her as we get to her we tell her we are going to the tree that is not that far she said ok and kept playing we slowly walk towards the tree and as we get there a girl that I couldn't possibly live with out walks up to us.
Kate:Lily hi,how are you?
Lily:get away from me!
Lily:your heard me loser! Hi Danny
Kate:what happened? What did I do?
Lily:everything!going back to Danny,leave us alone!
Kate:what is going on Daniel??
Lily:Daniel go on tell her!.
Kate:tell me!right now or I will leave!.
And then out of no where lily jumps onto Daniel and starts kissing him and making out with him and the when they pull away I got tears in my eyes.
Kate:couldn't you just tell me instead of breaking my heart?!?!!!!
Lily:good for you!
Kate:and what did I ever do to you!!!?!?
Daniel:no wait!!
Before he catches up with me I run away I couldn't take it I did have some sort of feeling towards him,I was stupid to believe that he could feel the same and lily she just betrayed me I have no friends now!school will be great

The next day,morning.
Mom:honey wake up,you got school!!
Kate:please mum don't make me go there!
Mom:Kate come here now Daniel is here for you!!
Kate:I don't want to see that dick head anymore!!
I scream so loudly so he can hear and all I can hear is my mom running up to my room I am already just I didn't want to get out of the house I finally look at my mom.And give her the get away stare and walk down stairs I push Daniel out my way and go to school we slowly walk to the bus stop and I can hear my mom slam the door shut Daniel keeps asking me like are you ok,can we talk or something..
Daniel:please talk to me!!!
Kate:how could you even show your face to me after you broke my heart!!
Daniel:your heart?!!i am the one trying to tell you what is really going on here!!!!
Kate:I started having feelings for you!!!!
Kate:and you didn't even bother telling me you have a girlfriend and that girlfriend was my best friend and now she hates me because I kept telling her how much I like you,she will probably tell Jenna and now she won't be able to talk to me!!!
I start to quietly cry and start to go quicker to school and try to get away but he grabs my hand and turns me towards him he out of nowhere grabs me and kisses me I am in full shock as we pull away he looks me in the eyes and I couldn't help but have a small smile I try to run away from him but he held me tight around the waist and then he finally says...
Daniel:me and lily are not together she kissed me out of no where and I love you too!

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