Chapter 30: Who Am I?

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Just when Jinwoo thought everything's over, something new's just starting. She's laying on the ground. She feels too much pain to move so she can't. Jinyoung is smirking at her, not caring at all. He thinks that she's not worth it.

Of course, she looks completely defenseless.

Seungmin's frozen– staring through the broken window. He's not yet well-trained and not yet used to being a ghoul so he doesn't know exactly what he should do. If he jumps down, he might just make everything even worse.

Jeongin, Woojin, and the Ominous king could only stare, terrified. They all feel so hopeless against a stranger. Woojin blames himself for not being strong enough to battle versus Jinyoung.

They thought everything's over...they're wrong.

Two scales started to grow out of Jinwoo's back in a form of wings, a tail grew out of her coccyx, her arms turned into solid, red flesh that has spikes and lastly, the form of the wings was completed– two more came out from her shoulder blade.

She never lost her shining scales nor her tail.

Her pale skin slowly earned its color back again, her right eye became red, and her body finally feels light. Everyone stared at her, even more shocked than when she jumped out of the window handicapped.

She slowly pushed herself up, more surprised than they are. "How? What just happened?" According to the book, only one who has the royal blood could possess all of the shining child.

"Is she really? Did the poison not affect her at all? Was it just trauma? How about the bruise and the message? Was that her body's way of fighting the poison? Gone? Was the message referring to the poison?" Was what ran through Woojin's mind. "Who is she?"


She pushed away all of her thoughts first and charged onto Jinyoung who used the covered Hyunjin as a shield, using her scales to push her up and her upper wings to throw daggers at the remaining hunters. She was fast enough to change her direction and cut the head's eight scales, resulting for a tumultuous scream.

Jeongin, Woojin, and Seungmin rushed to the poor lad and began getting rid of the huge scales that are literally squeezing him.

"How is this possible!" Jinyoung fervently tried to avoid all her attacks and shot his own ones but it seemed impossible. She's too fast, too strong and too wise. He's losing and he's getting tired.

"Stop!" She sliced his left arm. "Doubting!" She sliced his right one. "Ghouls!" Lastly, she stabbed his stomach with her scales.

He screamed out blood and couldn't possibly fight anymore so Jinwoo dropped him and stepped back for a bit, glaring.

"Have fun with your son."

"P-Please no!"

She stepped on his head, receiving more cries of plead so she finally smashed it, shutting him up but it wasn't enough for her. She sliced his neck– his head separated from his body, just like what he did to her friends.

"Is it done?" She mentally asked herself but was shortly pulled out from her thoughts when Jeongin screamed her name.

Jinwoo immediately went to Hyunjin who's barely breathing– kneeling. He looks so pale due to all the oxygen he couldn't breathe. His body is full of cuts and bruises, he looks so horrible that his lover couldn't stop herself from tearing up.

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