•~{Papa Loki :3}~•

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•-(A/n)(im trying a new style so please tell me if this style is better qwq)-•

~{how you met}~

while he was walking through some woods

he then heard a cry and goes to where he hears it, when he gets closer to it he sees a glimps of a basket

and when he walks up to it he sees a little baby crying its eyes out. Then the little baby sees him and starts reaching for him so he picks you up. "hmm...why is a little baby like you doing in these woods?" then he takes the baby with him and decided to keep you.

~{Your first word}~

you were playing with your dad's fabulous hair and he was getting annoyed but because he loves you he lets you be

then you pat his hair as if you were gonna ask him something. "papa?". Loki looks at you with wide eyes but then grins. "did you just say papa?" he says while he smiles at you while you hug his head

and then you remember you're uncle thor teaching you to say 'papa'.

~{First step}~

while you and your dad were in your room you were playing with your toys and babbling to yourself while he was reading a book

while he wasn't looking you looked at his right side then saw his scepter and looked at the blue thing (cuz you a bebe you don't know what it is xD) that was on it

you being the curious baby you are decided to 'walk' to it

when your dad didn't hear you babbling to yourself anymore decided to look at you

and when he did boii was he shook

he saw you waddling to him

but nahh you went for the scepter but hey he was still happy that you can walk now :3!

~{some things that you got from them}~

you like to read books

i mean if you didn't what are you doing here? (oOf-- fourth wall break)

but most importantly you are mischevious

one time you and your dad went to the avengers tower and while you were there you decided that you should trip everyone that walks beside you.

and lets just say your dad was proud.

~{your best friend}~

uncle thor :3!

~{your pet}~

you don't even know why you got an octopus but you got one so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ohh and you decided to name it 'koro-sensei' (*cries in anime*)

~{what you do when you're bored}~

you tend to just read

so when you go to school you won't be clueless of everything

~{your favorite subject}~

english cause the teacher there is lazy and you can easily cause mischief and get away with it because you are the teacher's pet in every subject

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