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Written In Action (or WIA) is a movement created by tinyboats to enhance the passion for reading/writing stories that file under the categories: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, and Action. If the official WIA sticker is on an author's book cover, their story will be selected in the official #WrittenInAction Reading List. Written In Action is not meant to be exclusive to authors of other genres, but to promote the under appreciated authors of WIA genres and their stories. Authors that do not write these genres can still participate in supporting #WrittenInAction.

This campaign began because I found that authors on Wattpad that write Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, and Action type stories are not as well known as a lot of romance / teen fiction authors. This does not mean that all of them aren't well known (because heck, some have millions of views), but there are a lot of undiscovered authors that should be brought to light.

Written In Action is to help promote authors on Wattpad who write stories underneath those genres and have not been found yet. For the benefit of people looking for stories and authors who want people to read their stories. There are a lot of readers who do not like stories like these and a lot of authors who only write stories underneath these genres and genuinely have a passion for writing them. WIA is here to suggest some of the best stories on Wattpad written by talented authors, interview authors, review stories, and help promote their stories.

Anyone can become a part of this movement: as long as your stories follow the criteria set for WIA. If you support showcasing authors of  the WIA genre list, or want to be featured yourself, there are lots of things you can do.

To show their support, anyone (even those who do not write stories in the WIA criteria) can: follow this account and put #WrittenInAction in their bio.

To go the full length, you can write a story that slots underneath the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, and Action genres, or use an existing story. If you choose to do so, add WrittenInAction to the tags and place the sticker on the cover to be easily found by this account. The sticker can be found at the top of this profile's bio, and if you don't know how to place it on your cover - make sure to read the next page.

If you choose to add the sticker to your story, it MUST AND CAN ONLY be for a story that fits the #WrittenInAction genres that we promote. You can not add the sticker to your cover if it isn't in one of those four genres (if you have any queries about this, please message this account before adding the sticker).

Be creative and let your imagination run wild. This campaign has no due date, and you do not have to worry about rushing. If you find this movement in twenty years time, you can still join! 

I wish the best for you and your stories, and any questions can be directed to the comments or through PM.

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