Petite Pivoine

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In the Suiran primary section, the results of the tests we regularly have aren't published.
When we enter the middle school section, the top 20 students overall, and in each subject are pasted up on a board, and each student is privately told what their ranking is, but even that doesn't happen in the primary section.
There's a report card at least, but it's all based on a non-relative evaluation, so it isn't really dependable.
Because of that you don't get a good idea of how everybody else is doing. Nor do you get a good idea of how you yourself stand in the school.
Most of the girls who attend Suiran from the primary section tend to enter a political marriage after graduating from university, or find work through their parents' connections, or go looking for somebody to marry, so basically none of them will really give it their all studying.

Well, I am not different though. After all, I plan to accept the flow and if I ever survive till then, I plan to find a good husband to marry and be a good wife. In other words, I want a lazy life.

Petite Pivione it is a salon for the wealthiest and powerful students in Suiran Academy. Chosen ones as they said.

In truth, it is only Pivoine but as we are only little kids it is called Petite which means Little.

Really, this is such a tiring day.
The first day of school that is.

But it was a good thing though. Why?

Because none of the masters nor capture targets are my classmates. Yay!

"Ariadnna-sama, good morning." Enjou Aina, one of Ariadnna's followers, greeted me. In her side was Amaterasu Chie, also a follower of Ariadnna.

Looking at them, I can't help but sighed internally. Those two pairs of plump cheeks, shining bright eyes, in their cute blue uniform.

Ah~~! This is ecstasy! But! Remembering they're the reason why Ariadnna became mad. I can't help but sigh.

It's okay, I'll train you girls to be a good girl.

"Ara~ good morning too, you two." Smiling sweetly, I greeted them back which they replied with a smile.

Ah~! Can I bite those cheeks? Can I? No? Okay. Too bad.

I met these two when there's a lady's gathering. Hmm? I think it's 2 years ago.

"As expected of Ariadnna-sama, getting in as a Pivoine member." Chie-sama giggled gently as if stating the fact.

"That's right. That's Ariadnna-sama for you." Aina chirp with Chie.

Hmm~? I think it's time for me to go to Petite Pivoine. After all, all the members have to be there for the first day of school. You know, to know each other.

"Ara~ara~fufufu. It might be too rude for you girls but I have to go. If you'll excuse me." I slightly bowed as they do the same.

"We understand Ariadnna-sama. Have a nice day."

With that, I walk to the salon. I wonder of it's time yet.


With my attendant's help, the door open as I got in.

Looking around, I was greeted by a greenhouse like room. There's also a lot of flowers at the side. Sofas, love chair, round tables with comfy chair...ah~! I want one like these. Should I request from my parents? No! I'm going to get spoiled.

"Oh my! Is this Edelfelt-sama? Good morning."

I turn my head to the side and was greeted by a 5-6 grader along with her friends.

"Good morning too senpai-tachi."I smiled and bowed slightly.

"Oh my! You're so cute."


"As expected of the Edelfelt family, they're all beautiful."

"Oh my!"

A-ha-ha-ha. Your flattering me too much. Is this one of the reasons why Ariadnna became so spoiled? Because they treat her like a queen? Like, even though they're older they keep on flattering at her?

Goodness! Being a noble is hard.

"Oh my!"

Gasp was heard after a moment of flattery. They all look at the door so I followed suite.

There, stood the two masters and their minions, errr, other capture targets.

Ara~ara they're all here~ fufufu.

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