Chapter One: A Birthday.

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July 31, 1993:
Waking up Harry can hear the faint sounds of music from downstairs. Smiling he remembers what today was, his birthday. Ever since his first summer here things have been better for him. He still struggled but his cutting has been drastically reduced but the thoughts were still lurking. They were like a wolf on the hunt, prepared to pounce at the "right" time. Since Elise's move-in shes taken on the role of a big sister to him. They even referred to each other as such at times. Elise usually woke up before him, and always cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He on the other hand always took care of the outside by muggle way, while Nippy did the inside chores, and grocery shopping. At first Nippy was scared of Ahish but after Harry made her one of the translating bracelets (and reassured her she wasn't being given clothing) she warmed up to the snake.

Hedwig wasn't all that happy with Ahish, and so on principle she'd avoid him. Although this summer that hasn't been a problem since shes been spending most of it with the twins. He's actually considering giving her to them on one condition (technically two) he gets to use her and visiting rights.

During last year Harry had started puberty and now was almost as tall as the twins. Hes lost any baby fat he had before. You can see he has refined muscles but he wasnt heavily built just enough to have defined abs and such. His hair had gotten long and still maintained its crazy locks, now he had to wear a girls headband to push his fringe out of the way. It was a pink one. The twins last summer had gotton matching tattoos of a pheonix perched on a tree branch. They had it done on the back of their legs, Fred on the right, and George on the left.

Sitting up Harry sees his beloved snake curled up at the foot of the bed. Getting up he goes to the bathroom and showers, afterwords moves back to the bedroom. After casting a quick drying charm he opens the closet doors. Putting a pair of boxers on, he then grabs a black pair of jeans that had rips purposefully done to them. Then he grabs a short sleeve grey t-shirt and puts that on. Then grabs a long sleave plaid shirt and ties it around his waist. Moving to his nightstand he opens the drawer and puts on his rose gold Relic automatic watch. It had a skeleton dial and caseback that displayed the movement. It was a gift all three had gotten him this past Christmas that they'd charmed unbreakable. After that he slipped his wand holster on the opposite arm and put his wand in. Then he slipped on socks and his basilisk boots that came to the middle of his calf.

Last year after Ginerva Weasley had, with help of possession, opened the chamber of secrets unknown to everyone; Harry and his friends investigated while his brother and lackeys did too. Harry did because he was outed by Malfoy as a parselmouth and wanted to prove to everyone he wasn't the next dark lord. Even though Dark Lord Potter had a nice ring, in his opinion. Anyways, they found the chamber after Christmas and while down there, with Salazar's provided password, opened the statues mouth. The damn basilisk was crazed and the four eventually were able to kill it.

Ginerva almost lost her father his job, and had to be removed from school for roughly a month and a half. For counseling and house arrest by demand of the petrified students families.

During easter break they had gone to gringrotts about it and found out how much, if they harvest and let the bank buy it from them, would be. In total the basilisk was worth 2,345,688G divided three way each got 781,896G. Their families lived in ignorant bliss of their money, and Harry kindly accepted a 100G three times during summer, and his school money once a year.

Heading downstairs Harry is greeted by the sound of something sizzling, the smell of sausage, and a muggle rock band singing. Walking into the kitchen he sees on the table the small muggle radio spelled to work around magic playing his favorite: AC/DC. Beyond that was Elise in a floral summer dress and flip flips cooking. The table was set for four people.

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