Come closer

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We didn't wake up until Natalie made noises while making breakfast. I moved my sore arm away from David's sleeping body and stretched quietly while my eyes adjusted to my surroundings.

"Shit",I whispered. We must've fallen asleep,Ralph must be fucking losing it. I quickly felt for my phone while Natalie clanged pans together to make pancakes or something.

It was 8% unfortunately and was just spammed with texts from employees and a frantic Jonathan.

I quickly responded back and copied and pasted them all out of laziness.

I could hear Natalie's sweet humming,she must not even know we're here on the carpet. The couch was covering us from plain sight and David's blanket was like camouflage.

He then shifted and groaned lightly. His arms tightening then going limp.

I admired his body as the life poured into him and left his voice raspy.

"Morning,"he sat up with a grin.

"Morning,"I laughed as I sat up with him.

"I guess we've must've passed out from all that making up,"he replied as he got up from his spot.

"Oh fuck! When did you guys get home?",Natalie jumped when she saw David's figure and my head popping into her view.

"We slept on the floor accidentally,"I got up with my bones popping from an obviously hard mattress.

She wrinkled her nose as she poured batter onto a pan,"Don't tell me I have to clean that carpet." I knew that was a joke but if only she knew what happened before I almost went to New York.

"You got lucky this time. We fell asleep before anything could happen,"David suggested as he made his way to the stool to eat the pancakes once they come out.

"Yeah keep it up and Natalie won't be cleaning any carpets for awhile,"I playfully threatened as Natalie laughed with an "ew."

"Shit what's today?",David said patting himself for his phone.

"Thursday,"Natalie flipped a golden brown pancake which I yearned for. It had been awhile since I ate and my stomach growled at the sight of Natalie stacking four pancakes and sliding them to me.

"Fine. I guess I can wait. Only cause your our guest or whatever,"David teased as Natalie rolled her eyes. I scoffed as I grabbed a fork and dug in.

I moaned as Natalie beamed pride as I complimented her cooking.

"Cinnamon does wonders,"Natalie giggled as David put his hands on my plate that Natalie took as a chance to smack her bosses hand away.

"Thank you Natalie. Saved me the trouble,"I acknowledged as David threw his hands up in desperation.

"Whatever,"he laughed,"It's vlogging day so eat up Y/N. You're gonna be my clickbait."


David,being David, of course took advantage of my celebrity status and began shooting scenes as soon as he could for his vlog. Of course people had welcomed me into the "family" that was sort of built but it was still pretty new.

He'd just set up a random scenario and a scripted situation and immediately brought me on it. Completely random,completely without context, that's the way his mind worked and he'd piece it together beautifully.

Example A:

"Y/N you're gonna regret going through here,"Jason said immediately getting into character for David's vlog. He was right in front of me by some random doorframe that I thought was completely out of sorts. It made no sense to me but I knew David would use it amazingly.
"Move fatass."

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