07 | knight in question

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k n i g h t   i n   q u e s t i o n

"I'm worried about Miles," I confessed to Ean, three afternoons later, while we were on our shift at Wavelength.

It wasn't that I worried about him all the time (well, actually, I did), but Marcel wasn't the only one who kept me updated about Corvus' activities. Miles did the same, any time the seniors in his frat called for a meeting, he'd text me to tell me if there was any news.

I'd tried calling Miles multiple times, but couldn't seem to get through his line. Either his cell was disconnected, or it had run out of battery. I hadn't heard from Marcel either, which eventually made a tight knot of anxiety form in my stomach, and a disconcerting feeling that I couldn't quite shake away.

"Well, if you're worried, go see him," Ean returned emphatically, pushing me aside as I tried to work the cash register.

Needless to say, the machine still befuddled me, and I was certain it was going to remain a constant source of mystery; along with the hundred and one other electronic gadgets I'd never quite learnt how to operate.

I frowned, watching him tinker with the cash register, punching in the numbers with ease. The thought of visiting Miles had crossed my mind, but I had other priorities at that moment. "You know I can't, I have to watch the shack."

"I'll watch the shack."

"Aw," I cooed, reaching up to pinch his cheek. He swatted me away and shot me the middle finger, but I was unfazed. Ean was a huge softie, and I loved that he and I got along just fine. "You're the sweetest."

"Yeah, yeah," he grumbled, shoving me in the direction of the back door. "So leave."

But I hesitated. While I did want to check up on Miles, the thought of going there alone was fairly intimidating. I was certain I'd feel like a complete child among all the other college students, returning to campus for summer classes.

"Hey, Ean?" The question had slipped past my lips before I could even reconsider, and he glanced over at me. "Want to come along?"

He grinned, a knowing look on his face. "You're scared, aren't you?"

"I'm not," I cried, pointing at him threateningly with the ice-pop I was currently chomping on. Every bite gave me a mini brain-freeze, but I loved that sensation. "I just don't want to get lost, that's all. And you know how I lose my way all the time."

This wasn't entirely a lie. I was hopeless at finding my way. I'd once gotten lost in a shopping mall, and since I'd forgotten to bring my cell then, I spent the next three hours wandering around, because it was far too embarrassing to go up to the front desk and actually explain to them that an eighteen-year old girl had somehow gotten lost in a six-storey mall.

Ean seemed to buy my explanation, for the next moment, he was obligingly flipping the 'OPEN' sign around. After sending a quick text to Mom, telling her that we had something to see to, he began to lock up the shack using his own key.

There wasn't going to be any problems with Mom, I was sure of that, since I knew she was more than happy to hear that we were 'bonding'. She liked all sorts of bonding, family-bonding, sibling-bonding, the more the merrier.

Ean caught up with me, sending dust flying in my direction as he kicked at the sand lazily. "Well, this should be fun."

"It will be. Like an adventure," I enthused, but then faltered as he looked at me a little strangely. "Come on, can't you show some excitement about this? We hardly spend any time together."

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