We Talked About Tomatoes: 19 - Here Comes the Bride

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The girls in the carpeted cream room all whooted and came in for a group hug. "I'm Mrs. Nick Robinson in, like, half an hour!"

The girls laughed and screamed and laughed some more. All while rushing around, preparing for the wedding.


Around a hundred guests attended today. All of their family and friends were invited. It wasn't close and personal but it wasn't grand or extravagant. Like Georgia thought earlier, it matched the couple. The guests were out in the sun and Georgia felt a little sorry for the men in suits. The white wedding arch was decorated with yellow lilies, slowly weaving their way in and out. A priest stood there, book in hand. A long, trimmed white rug rolled underneath Georgia's feet, covering the gray cobblestone the guests' chairs sat upon.

The string quartet played grandly as Georgia walked up the aisle, knowing that in a few seconds all eyes would forget her and move onto Steph. She couldn't blame them. Nick, Steven and Harry waved at her. Nick looked like stone. In all the years he'd looked calm and carefree today he looked like granite. Georgia smiled, trying not to laugh. They were all up in steps. Nick on the highest of them all with the priest in black and the gorgeous wedding arch.

Georgia's eyes sauntered on to Bryce's cobalt blue ones and his red hair burning an orange in the sunlight. He stood on the next lower step, a different coloured flower decorated his blazer than the other groom's men. Georgia smiled hesitantly at him.

Even though this was supposed to be Steph's day she kept thinking about herself. She wanted to kick and slap herself for being so stupid and selfish. Of course Steph would understand but then again Steph had a heart of gold. Georgia attempted to shake away those stupid worries. She clutched tightly to her bouquet of different flowers as she sauntered down the aisle.

Geez, she thought, did this aisle go on forever or what? Finally she was at the steps. She grinned at the excited bridesmaids. The classical musicians played the 'Wedding March' as Steph appeared from behind a corner with her father. The man was nervous but he was smiling, even though it appeared as if he had held onto Steph's arm too tightly in between the crook of his arm. Steph arrived at the granite-like Nick and handed her bouquet to Georgia. They faced the priest.


Steph stood up, gulping and clearing her throat. "Hello. Welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Robinsons' wedding. I'd like to thank my family for flying for 14 hours straight just to have the wedding delayed. I'd like to thank all the guests for coming even though it was short notice. Also, thanks for all the support for the wedding and for Nick." Everyone clapped politely as Steph sat down again, careful not to rumple her dress.

Georgia felt this empty pit in her stomach. She hated talking in front of large crowds of people. It was nauseating. She stood up and walked to up to the microphone on the stage. She tapped the mic, giving everyone a little jump.

"Hi, I'm the Maid of Honour, Georgia, if we haven't met. I'd like to say that . . . Nick and Steph couldn't be more perfect for each other. Like the silver scales of Libra, which Steph is, they balance each other out. Now, all of you know how much Steph likes to be . . . happy. Extremely. We all know how much Nick prefers to be . . . quiet. There a perfect mix, and I've thought so ever since I met them at the tender age of seventeen. It's been more than six years and they're still going strong. Wishing you the most kick-ass wedding and marriage. To the bride and groom!"

Everyone cheered and Georgia smiled at Steph and Nick's rosy cheeks. "I'd like to welcome the best man, Bryce, to the stage."

Bryce walked up the small steps, appearing as hot as ever. You know how in a certain outfit a guy looks his best, his hottest, if you may? Apart from the obvious of most girls' fantasies (naked) most guys, in Georgia's opinion, looked the best in a suit. Maybe all guys should take a clue from Barney Stinson and 'Suit up!' once in a while. Brye looked so cute, albeit a little awkward there on stage. He started to speak,

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