3 Wash, Rinse, and Repeat

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I stood beneath the shower head, as the water ran over me lazily. I hadn't noticed Juliet stepping into the bathroom. Her back was against the door and she watched me shower.

My hands ran around my naked body, lathering it and rinsing away the soap suds lazily.

She stared at me cleaning myself and licked her lips. She was getting aroused just by watching me, as her hands caressed her own body. 

Her hands ran over her luscious large breasts, pulling her hard nipples and releasing as they snapped back into place.

Her hands went down over her toned stomach and slid between her thighs. She could feel wetness in her dripping cunt, where she slid a finger in her pussy and then between the lips on her mouth to taste herself.

She loved the sweet taste of juices she created when she was horny, and she was horny quite often lately.

She came in and entered the shower behind my back. It wasn't until she touched me that I knew she was there.

Her warm body pushed against my back, her soft moulded breasts squeezing tight to me. Her hard nipples poked me, almost scratching me down my spine but I didn't care.

Her hands slid around my waist to the front, where they caressed my stomach. She hugged me in her arms, holding me tight against her warm body.

The water was cascading down over us both now.

"Mmm, you looked so lovely sweetie, I wanted to join you!" she said. How could I say no?

She nibbled on my ear, not hard but teasingly. Pulling and releasing it. A short, sharp pain went through me, but one of which was not enough to want her to stop.

Her hands slid up and down my spine. Water ran down around her hands to my ass below. I closed my eyes, feeling a warmth run through my body.

Her hands moved lower, caressing my ass cheeks. Holding them, squeezing, playfully slapping them. My ass was tight, firm to the touch. She loved the feel of it in her tight grasp.

"Mmm, I love your ass, sweetie. It's so firm and tight!" she informed me, continuing to enjoy touching it.

She leaned against me once more, her hands running around the front. This time, they moved further south.

Before I knew it, she was caressing my balls between her fingers. She played with them, adding a gentle squeeze on occasion. My legs quivered as her nimble fingers tickled them.

Her other hand took hold of my cock, now fully erect once more by her sensual touch. It lengthened as she stroked it.

The soapy suds and running water helped glide her fingers across the shaft with ease. Her fingers were soon wrapped tightly around it, jerking my cock.

"Ohh!" I moaned at her stroking me off. I loved the way she did that, her hand jerking me in this way.

Her fingers slid back and forth, peeling the foreskin back as the throbbing, crowned head pulled from it's covering blanket. Her fist grasped tightly, a nice firm grip.

She jerked me as her other hand played with my balls. She picked up pace, I knew I couldn't resist for much longer as hard as I tried.

"Ohh, fuck yes!" I called to her, losing myself in this beautiful moment between us.

Her knuckles rubbed against the underside of my cock, beneath the crowned, shiny head. My legs were buckling beneath the strain and rush spreading through me. She knew where to touch me to make me feel amazing.

"Fuck.. Yes, Oh God.. Fuck!" I moaned to her.

My cock pulsated, throbbed in her fingers and she could feel every sense of it. The veins felt like they wanted to burst on my shaft, as I bucked my hips a little to the rhythm of fucking her hand.

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