Right, tell me too.

She cleared her throat and looked to her lawyer, naw he can't help you now bitch.

"May I speak on behalf of my client?" Her lawyer asked

"No, she's the mother, I would like to hear what she has to say- Ms. Eason?" He asked

"Well, I had a lot going on years ago, and once I touched back down to Virginia, after things slowed down, I thought it'd be perfect to get my babygirl back." She nervously replied

The judge eyed her then looked to my lawyer and I.

"Christopher Brown.." He said, while flipping through papers

I stood up and straightened my suit, "Has Royalty been in your custody for the full 5 years?" The judge asked

"For three years, actually. Sabrina left Royalty and I when Royalty was 2 years old and has just now came back into her life, trying to take custody of her." I explained

"Why did you leave?" The judge asked Sabrina

"I had a job that required me to leave.." she said

"For 3 years?" The judge asked

"Yeah, it was hectic."

"Are you still working there?" He asked

"Sometimes, I'm financially set right now."

Yeah bitch, I bet you is.

He nodded then looked back over at us.

"Mr. Brown's lawyer, do you have anything you'd like to say regarding the case?" The judge asked

"Yes," he stood, "Sabrina has had four other children over the course of the 3 years she has been away from Royalty, they reside in a two bedroom home. One bedroom has to be for the parent, so the other obviously goes to the children. There's no way that five kids, Royalty included, can fit into one bedroom. Whether it's bunk beds, or sharing a bed, someone will be left out." My lawyer said

I nodded, I almost forgot this bitch popped out 15 other kids.

"Let me not forget to add that Sabrina has been harassing my client and his girlfriend for weeks before she gained temporary custody. Sabrina and her associates also participate in intaking on illegal substances while children are around, my client seen it first hand." My lawyer said

"Chris has been harassing me since I've gotten custody over Royalty! Popping up, calling, anything you can think of!" Sabrina yelled

"Order." The judge said

"Only so I can get my daughter, nobody be calling and poppin' up for yo' ass, Sabrina." I said with a mug on my face

"Is there anything Sabrina's lawyer would like to say?" The judge asked

"My client is fully capable of caring for Royalty and her additional children. Granted they're sharing a two bedroom home, but Royalty isn't in any harm. She's able to play with other children, and while the other children do share bunk beds, Royalty shares a room with her mother and her b—" he stopped himself, naw nigga you was about to say boyfriend, spit it out.

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