Chapter Eight

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Chapter 8

As the morning sunlight peered through the curtains I slowly opened my eyes  the realization of where we were and next to me was Brody sleeping peacefully as ever, his face so manly but yet so angelic, a stubble was forming a dark hue over his face. I raised my hand and brushed it against his left cheek trying to be as discreet as possible so I wouldn’t wake him, I gently pressed my lips against his forehead and pulled the covers off my body to find myself some coffee as I was in dire need of it.

On entering the kitchen I noted that the fridge was fully stocked which meant I could make him breakfast, I quickly got started by placing some bread in the oven to toast as I couldn’t find a toaster, I put some bacon on the stove in a pan to allow it to crisp up and then got started on the eggs. On cracking the third egg I felt large masculine arms encircling my waist and his chin rested on the crook of my neck. “Where’s the coffee babe?”

“It’s on my head babe,” I said and began laughing at my witty comment. “Oh so you’re gonna be rude to me this morning are you now?”

“Umm I suppose, just kidding the coffee you’re searching for its still brewing, so let go off me now so I can finish make breakfast, now go!!” I said as I turned around to face him while pressing my palms against his chest to push him away.

He made his way to the table and stared at me until I finished cracking and whisking the eggs, the thing about men the littlest things seem to amuse them, no wonder many women tend to classified them under the ‘to dumb to understand’ type. I mean actually taking time to understand the way a man thinks would definitely take more time to learn than my best friend Liam took when he realised he was gay.

“Mr. Walker do explain why are you staring at me, I’m not sure if its and attempt of seduction and I’m not saying that it is but, if it is I’ll have you know it’s an epic fail and many people consider it to creepy.”

“Based on your expression I am of the belief that my stare on you has made you uncomfortable but it’s just the sight off you making me breakfast, oh I don’t know it just kind of transported my mind into the future a bit.”

I honestly didn’t quite get what he was saying so I just smiled and made my way to coffee machine and poured us two cups. “A splash of cream and two spoons of sugar,” Brody said.

“Hey I drink my coffee the same way looks like we have something in common,” I mixed our coffee and placed a cup in front of him and proceeded to the oven to remove the toast and after that I removed thee bacon also and quickly scrambled our eggs.

After I plated our food I laid it on the table and took my seat next to him, as I lifted my fork to dig into my eggs he held me by the wrist and said “I could see you every morning for the rest of my life making me breakfast and I’d fall for you all over again.” Completely stunned from what he had just said to me I chose to say quiet knowing that if I pursued the topic it might have lead to a love confession on his behalf and that was a feeling that was unknown to me and I wasn’t sure if I felt the same way back so shyly smiling and bending my head was the better go to option.

After breakfast Brody got a call that he took to the other room so I began clearing the table and doing the dishes. As I dried the last plate and packed it in the cupboard I felt him entering the room “So who was it?” I asked.

“That was my friend Christian, the owner of this cottage he’s sending one of his men to get us out of here in the next 20 minutes so get dressed.” He voice was calm and composed but yet I felt a hint of anger as he just gave his order in an authorative tone and exited the room. Just how serious this issues was, I still didn’t know I just kept  following Brody’s every word without questioning him as he seemed so tensed from the moment we left his friend’s cottage. Where we were I wasn’t quite sure but I knew we were still in the Hamptons at someone’s mansion, I mean like seriously I didn’t need Einstein or Edison to tell me it was the home of someone close to Brody so it would be safe.

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