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Im going to be honest, I fell out of love with this plot a while ago, hence why it hasnt been updated in months. The more I thought about it, however, the more I realized just how much ambrose's character meant to me. I couldn't let him go and so I thought long and hard--trust me, there were tears involved-- and came up with a plot that I like much better because its more believable and has way less gaping plot holes.

The rewrite, which is going to be called repercussions, already has a few chapters and miscellaneous scenes written to it, and I really hope that you guys will continue Ambrose's journey with me in that book instead!! courturea made a stunning cover for it and so I will hopefully have the new version up tomorrow! ill update this again when its up so if anyone wants to read it, you'll be alerted. Thank you to everyone who read, voted, commented and enjoyed this book, I never expected it to get as much love as it did and my writing has grown so much because of you all.

Hopefully ill see some familiar names on repercussions, and if not, thank you for even giving ambrose and me a chance by reading this version!

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