Machinations of Destruction

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Wind blew across the frozen landscape. Temperatures were below freezing point and a snowstorm was rolling in but deep within the mountains of northern Alaska, a hidden military complex stands camouflaged in the snow and is built deep within the foot of a mountain, it's shadow keeping the malevolent installation from aerial view. Here (f/n) (l/n) has woken up from his deep slumber.

Your P.O.V

"My name is (f/n).....(f/n) (l/n)."

I don't know where I am. My clothes are gone. My vision is blurry and.....I'm hungry. I'm being looked over by a man in white. He has a grey beard and his head is bald.

He looks at me and speaks, " (F/n) my name is Dr. Cornelius. I am here to help you in ways you do not understand or comprehend, but in due time you will." A smile of malicious intent is plastered across his face and I can't help but feel a deep sense of dread come from within.

"Where am I?" I ask trying my hardest to not sound fearful but my body gives me away and the unbearable cold causes me to shake and tremble without end.

Dr. Cornelius looks at me, his smile never faltering. "You are within the Hands of Five."

"Hands of what?" I ask feebly. I try to get up but my hands are strapped to the medical table I'm lying on. "Let me out!" I shout out but the doctor just stands there and looks at me. His smile disappears and his face goes blank, his voice now cold.

"I'm afraid I can't do that Mr. (l/n)." Dr. Cornelius then walks around my bed and walks to a table with a telephone on it. He presses a few buttons and then brings it to his ears and a muffled voice comes from the speaker. The doctor then looks at me, his eyes fixed and responds, "He's awake," then puts the phone down and instantly the room goes dark.....


The Chitauri horde is defeated. The heroes that saved the earth assist with the cleanup and all around the admiration of millions are upon them. As S.H.I.E.L.D agents arrive on the scene, Captain America aids them in the recovery effort. As he stares at a pile of rubble in front of him, he's then distracted by a young man who runs up to another man and launches himself into his arms. They passionately hug and then kiss. It was a kiss of passion as if the two men had been separated for eternity and Steve Rogers looked on, a tear forming in his eye. The concept of unbiased love was something new introduced to him since his time from ice and he had no judgments against it. He turns and leaves the couple behind him as he remembers the story of the last person he loved. Walking to the nearest QuinJet, an iron suit flies across the sky and lands in front of him. Inside a bruised and battered Tony Stark happily quips, "C'mon old man, you might not look ninety, but ya sure walk like one. Fury wants to debrief us, it's been a helluva day," and he flies off before the captain could respond. Captain America chuckles, gets onboard the jet and it takes off and streaks across the sky to the Helicarrier where the group now dubbed by the world as the Avengers will meet.

Deep within the Amazon Jungle...

A lone native man runs madly through the his hands he clutches a precious piece of cargo but shortly after he jumps over a silent branch, three shadows move quickly swinging across trees running through the night in an attempt to secure their prey. Gunshots go off, screams are heard and then a deafening silence.

On a farway cliff high above the jungle on a mountainside covered in thick vines and trees, a well armed man watches through his binoculars and surveys the forest below. He scans the environment hundreds of feet below him and watches as a small aircraft of advanced design rises from the tree canopy below and takes off into the night.

The man stands up, takes out his tracker and watches as the jet heads west towards the Pacific at an incredible speed. He then whispers into his comm-device and disappears from sight.

His words...

"The stone is on the move..."

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