Youth Fall: Extinction

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When humanity ends

What will become of those who remain?

Two months before the third world war and after the end of humanity centuries later:

Although it wasn't said publicly for fear of causing a global panic,the writing was clear on the wall. Another global war was inevitable and it wasn't looking good for humanity's future.

The excessive greed of the powerful and the wealthy had led to political and economic instability and instead of putting their arrogance and greed to the side, the powerful rich were going to let those they elected into the highest positions of power in order to get even richer declare an all out war with every nuclear missile they had at their fingertips.

So a plan was made in secret with funding approved by those who didn't want this war to happen but could do nothing to prevent it. It was hoped that this would at least ensure humanity's survival beyond the solar system but they had to do it in secret, if those in power got wind of it they would have the project stopped with violent action since they didn't like money being used on anything that didn't make themselves richer.

It took a great deal of work and training but finally a select team with as many genetic samples of all life on the planet including the human race were launched into space. The team went into cryogenic stasis once their ship went too far beyond the government's efforts to stop them and they resumed on their way.

They slept through the war, the rebuilding, the brief peace and the extinction of humanity. They slept until the on-board sensors were triggered by the fading edge of the shock wave spreading out from Earth, the ship was outside of it's range only barely.

The computer didn't wake the crew yet, first it needed to send a probe and find out what had happened on Earth that had resulted in the shock wave. Operation Aftermath has begun.

"Begin Operation, activate Probe. Probe away. Estimated Time To Arrival at faster than light speed five one hour"


Three days after the shock wave:

Systems spring to life and the cyro units begin the process of waking the crew slowly, as this proceeds the computer reactivates life support which brings warmth throughout the ship. This takes close to an hour while the thawing process takes over an hour.

Close to ninety minutes later the first crew member pulls themselves from their cyro unit and sits up, their lungs filling with recycled air as they breathe slowly, their body gradually waking up. The computer prepares food for the crew as the rest of them slowly wake up.

No one says anything, there are only yawns and groans as they stretch and try to wake up stiff joints, no one is bothered that they are all in their underwear, they're too groggy to care.

The computer waits patiently to give it's first report from the probe, it could afford to wait while the probe worked. It was going to send out another two probes soon since the first probe had indicated that it would require some assistance.

It watches as the crew drag themselves to the mess hall, well room. It watches as they eat slowly as their stomachs haven't had much in the way of nourishment for centuries. Finally the crew begin to talk as they wake up enough.

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