Part Six

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I'm waking to meet Liam and my phone buzzes. It was twitter.

@HBomb94: Beautiful day outside in Chicago. Even though it's cold.

I smile. What are the chances I'd run into him. I'm sitting on the swings when Liam walks up.

"He-" he stops. I see him staring at my nose.

"Hayley, I know I said we'd start over but your nose has gotten worse. Please tell me what is happening," he says putting a hand on my thigh. I flench at the touch.

Calm down, Hayley, I think.


As soon as I see her flinch at my touch, I know someone is beating her. She has lost all trust in guys. I quickly remove my hand.


"It's nothing," I tell him quickly. "I just fell down some stairs."

"Okay. But you can tell me anything, Hayley."

"Ok," I say quickly. "I think I should be going." I get up and walk away.

"See ya later," he calls and I wave behind me. I am walking home when David turns the corner and rams me into the wall. He puts his hand over my mouth. Tears start to spill over my face.

"Told you that you would regret dumping me." He throws me to the ground.

"No," I sob. "I regret not doing it sooner." Anger washes over his face. His hand comes back but some one grabs it- Liam.

"Leave her alone," Liam growls.

"So your the douche she has been talking with. 2 for 1 deal I guess." David smirks and puts his fist up.

"Liam, j-just g-go!" I choke.


Liam puts his fist up. Seeing him face David-for me- made me feel...bold. Powerful. No those aren't the words. I felt free. I quit crying.

David throws a punch but I grab it before it hits Liam.

I literally just grabbed his fist, I think. But I'm interrupted as he brings another fist to my head. I fall down. I see Liam yell and punch David. He is beating him till I moan "Liam" breaking his trance.

Liam grabs me and carries me away. Away from David. Away from all the blood. Away from beatings. Away from death.

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