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Author's POV

The students all gathering to the main door.. running and running.

"What the hell is going on?" The cat eyes shaped girl asked her friend.

"You really dont know huh?" JIsoo said.

"Yeah.." Jennie shrugged her shoulder.

"Lets see them.."

"No. wha??" Jennie didnt finished her words since Jisoo dragged her to run..make their way to the main door..

"Jisoo where you gonna bring me? slow down!" Jisoo didnt care what does her friend said.. she kept dragging her until they met with the bunch of students.

"Why we are here actually Jisoo?"

"Just wait and see.."

The door was opened widely..

At first they just could see five shadows in front of the entrance.

The crowd especially girls became wild..

"They are here!"

Soon the five guys stepped inside the entrance with loud cheer by the students.

Lisa, Rosie and even Jisoo clasped their hand and fanboying them once they saw their face.

"Omo! They look so hot!" Rosie exclaimed.

"I know right!" Lisa fist bump with Jisoo.

Meanwhile Jennie..

"What the hell is he doing right here?" Jennie whispered to herself.

Jennie's POV



what he's doing right here? Is he following me?

Oh gosh i cant stand anymore!

I walked to the cafeteria which i believed they are there having their lunch.

There i spot them.. they are surrounding by girls..

I stormed my feet to that direction.. the rest of girls didnt dare to stop me cause hey im a boss bish!

"You!" I point my finger to him.

He innocently looked behind him and look back at me.

"Me?" He point to himself while chuckling.

"Yes . You! Come here follow me!"

"Woahh nice way girl!" The rest of his gang said.

And him..

With his famous smirk get up from his seat..

Surprisingly he grabbed my arm and drag me earning weird look from the rest..

"Lemme go!" I raised my voice towards him.

I kept on pounding on his arm but seems like there's nothing gonna change..

I knew im rude to him.. but i hate him so much. FOREVER!

I was being lead by him to another place.. we have to walk pass through the students.. and they kept bowing to him.

"Annyeong master!"

He just nodded and kept dragging me until he twist the door knob and push me inside with him behind me. He locked it.

I take a look at the surrounding of the place that we stood right now.

Why i never knew this place?

"Beautiful isnt it?" He said..completely snapped my thought.

"Just straight to the point." I sternly said while folding my arm across my chest.

"Point what?" "You are the one who wanna talk to me. So tell me why you wanna talk to me?" He snorted back.

"Crap it!" I said as i tuck my own hair. "You are following me right? Thats why you transfer here. Dont deny it Choi Y/N." I smirked while raising my eyebrow.

"Hello ! Excuse me, Jennie Kim. I dont ever have guts to follow you around. You think you are that pretty for me to follow you? I have feet. I choose my own way." He snorted back at me. "Or.."

He slowly pull his body away from the doorframe and walk closer to me.

"Or what?" I said avoiding his stare.

"Or you are the one who gonna have panic attack whenever im close with you cause you can resist my sexiness and how charming i am.." he whispered to me.. i could feel her hot breath hitting my face.. tickling my face at this moment.

"Cat got your tongue Jennie ssi?" He pull away and step back .

"See.. you cant resist me. I told ya." He smirked.

How i wish to wipe of that face.

He was about to twist the door knob but i stopped him..

"Wait !"


"Don't you dare to tell anyone."

"Lets see.."

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