Valentine's Day

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Third Person POV
In that week Todoroki had planned something very special to show Midoriya how much he cared about him.

Todoroki's POV
I had been planning and prepping all week for this day. I asked Ida and Uraraka to help me with this and they gladly agreed. As I put the finishing touches on my surprise, I got a call from Uraraka saying they where on their way with Izuku.

Midoriya's POV
"We have a surprise for you!" Uraraka said before she took my guide stick from my hand. "Hey! Give it back!" "Not untill after the surprise, it might ruin it." Then her and Ida took my arms and lead me to somewhere. After a 5ish minute walk she told me to take off my shoes and socks. "What? What is this for? You're starting to scare me." "Just do it." "Okay." I sat on the floor and untied my shoes and put my socks in them. "Give them to me." Ida said once a stood up. I gave them to him and they both grabed my arms continuing to lead me. After a few more steps the ground had flower petals spread across it? As we continued to walk there were streamers hanging down from the ceiling. I felt fluffy stuffed animals. After a little of that, the streamers went away, so did the fluff. Two or three steps, still on the rose petals, I felt Uraraka and Ida let go of my arms and she pushed me forward. I stumbled and was caught by someone. I realised it was Todoroki! My hands were on his chest and his arms around my waist. I felt red rush to my face. "Ooops." Uraraka said with a fake innocent tone. "Are you okay?" I heard Todoroki ask, holding he close to him. I tried and failed at pushing away as my face was turning redder, if that was even possible.

Todoroki's POV
I felt Izuku try to push away, I held him even closer. After a few failed attempts to escape from my arms, I heard, in a whisper, "What is this?" I looked down to see his adorable, freaked, bright red face looking up at me. I didn't say anything. I glanced up and saw Uraraka taking pictures. I blushed a little and looked back to Izuku. "S-Shoto?" Right then I kissed the brooclie boy on his forehead. "This is so you know how much I care about you."

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