Part Five

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"So tell me about Hayley," Bayani says on TeamSpeak.

"Well I haven't gotten to know her personally, but she is beautiful. No details yet!" I tease.

"Aww, c'mon H!" Graser whines.

"Hey, you still need Cube EVO minutes?" I ask them.

"You can never have enough minutes!" Graser says. I laugh and get ready to record.


When we are done, I text Hayley.

Me: Hey want to meet up? Or do you have work?

Hayley: No! Today was my day off!

Me: Okay. Park cross from Our Place?

Hayley: So we have a place?

Me: How else would I describe the restaurant? ;)

Laughing, I grab my wallet and keys and start walking. I was super excited even though I knew she had a boyfriend. But the optimistic side of me was hoping that was her brother or friend...

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