Mine for a Day

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Dear Jared.

No, that doesn't sound right. ERASE.

Hey, Jared.

Nah, still not right... ERASE.


I guess I'll have to work with this.


     I'd like to start off by saying that I know we've been friends for long, now, even if we haven't been best friends. Although, if we had been best friends, this would have been really... awkward.

I wonder why, even though we're friends, and you defend me from bullies and have my back, it's like I'm invisible to you. It's almost like you don't even notice anything.

And, to be honest, I've done all that I can.

I know of a girl, Jared. She started shying away from the guy she liked, at first, because she was afraid of rejection. Then she ended up trying to get closer to him, because she wanted him to notice her.

And then, she tried to use her actions—she held his arm for longer, hugged him more often, and always said goodbye before she left school.

I guess that should have counted for something, right? But, when he acted like all her gestures we're meaningless, she decided to flat out tell him.

And, even then, he acted like he was too busy for her. So, she ended up leaving school, that day, without telling him what she'd planned to for a whole week. And then, her best friend told the guy, herself, since he was obviously too busy to listen to her.

It didn't change anything, and she still felt invisible, so she straight up confronted him by herself, with the courage she used a whole day to build up. Yet, he acted like it meant nothing. He behaved as though it had never happened.

The guy in this story is you, Jared. And I am the girl who felt invisible for over a year.

This is my final attempt. I never thought I would be the one doing this, but...

All I ask is for you to be mine for a day.

Just one day to show you what you really mean to me.

One day for me to express myself, one day when it will be just you and me.

No interruptions, no disturbances, no siblings and no parents. Just you and me.

I want us to go someplace where, at least, we can just be ourselves.

We could go as far as South Africa, if you felt like it. I'll let you decide where we should go.

But to say the truth, none of this really matters.

I don't really care where we go. I wouldn't mind hanging out in my own house—as long as you're there.

Because, in the grand scheme of this, the only thing that really matters is you, Jared.

I just ask for one day, so you can decide whether you want me or not.

If you say yes, I'd be delighted. But, if you say no, I'll respect your decision.

Just know I'll always love you, Jared.


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