Chapter 56

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I woke up with a head ache. I opened my eyes and saw a familiar room. Hook's room. I gripped the comforter. The memories in this room brought tears to my eyes. I wiped them and then stood up. I walked out of his room and onto the deck where I saw Rumpelstiltskin had Hook pinned down on the deck. Belle was trying to get gold to not kill him. gold was beating him with his cane.

‘’Please stop!Please’’I said running to stand next to Belle.

‘’Sorry, Elizabeth not going to happen’’Rumple said and continued to to beat Hook with his cane. I winced. I couldn’t take this.

‘’Do it kill me! He has to show you how powerful he is.’’Hook said. Blood was dripping down his beautiful face.

‘’No, Rumple this is what he wants. To destroy every bit of good in you’’ Belle said

‘’Rip my heart out. Kill me like you did Milah and then I will finally be reunited with her’’

My hear kind of crushed when he mentioned Milah.

‘’He has to die’’Rumple said and threw his cane on the floor and started chocking hook.

‘’No!’’I yelled, i went to run over to them but Belle grabbed my arm and pulled me back to her side.

‘’No he doesn't. There's still good in you. I see it. I’ve always seen it. Please show me i'm not wrong’’belle said trying to stop Rumple.It seemed to work because he got off of Hook.

‘’You take your little ship and sail to the end of the world. I never want to see you again.’’Rumple warned him.

‘’thank you’’I said to belle and she nodded and smiled at me and her and Rumple left. I ran to Hook and helped him sit up.

‘’I got you’’I said. He groaned in pain.

‘’come on. lets get you cleaned up’’I said.

I took his arm and put it over my shoulder before walking down the stair and into his room. I sat him on the bed and I walked to his small bathroom, grabbing a rag and putting it under the water.I walked back to him and i stood in front of him.I tilted his head up slowly, wiping the blood away.

‘’why are you being nice to me?’’he asked before he winced as i grazed the rag over a cut.

‘’Because I still care about you. I know I shouldn’t but I do’’I said.

I got the blood form his face and I looked down at his chest were his necklace was. my charm, was still there

‘’You kept it’’I said taking it in my hand.

‘’Of corce I did. I almost threw it in the ocean many times’’he said laughing slightly. I smiled at him.

‘’There all done’’I said setting the rag down on his table before i walked to the door.

‘’Where are you going?’’he asked, i turned around.

‘’Home. I'm going to tell my family. I'm sorry but I have to’’

He nodded’’They will find out eventually’’

I smiled and walked out of his room and off the ship. I ran home and went upto the apartment.

‘’Emma, David, Snow!’’’I called and saw Henry, Emma and Archie at the table. Pongo sitting on the floor. Wait, what the hell?

‘’Oh my god’’I said


Archie hugged me. I hugged him back

‘’But how are you here?’’I asked

‘’Cora kidnapped me.’’

‘’That’s what i'm here to tell you but I guess you know. Hook and Cora are here’’I said

‘’Have you been with hook all day?’’Emma asked, looking alarmed.

‘’With belle, he attacked her and me and then Rumple attacked him. It's complicated’’I said

Authors note:

Short chapter i know. So what do you guys think about doing a story about Peter and Rose's past. I don't know what i will call it though, but please tell me what you think about it. Do you want me to do it or not?

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