Let Downs and Surprises

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Chapter Four

"Let Downs and Surprises"

"I love this movie." I say to Lucy as I take another drink. She's not much of a RomCom fan, but she sits through them for me. She turns to me and asks, "Out of all the movies, why is this one  your favorite? Is there a particular reason?" I decide she's my sister and she deserves to know the truth. I take a deep breathe and say, "As you know, my "mom" and I do not get along. She was always bashing on me and tearing me down. Critical of everything I did, or should I say didn't do. There was one time when we did get along, and it only happened ever so often. We would sit up late at night sometimes and watch this movie, we would sit peacefully in silence. For that hour and 45 minutes, she was my mom and I was her daughter." As I am telling the story I become emotional, Lucy is the only one I let my guard down with. She pulls me into a hug and says, "Thank you for being honest with me, it means a lot to me that you trusted me with this information. Now I'll stop touching you." she says as she pulls away knowing I do not like hugs.

Just as I was about to say something, the phone rings. I get up to answer the phone and just as I do, the ringing stops. I counted four rings before the caller hung up, I knew exactly who it was. I grabbed my phone and went into my bedroom. I knew the caller was Ramirez  and that he would call back. As I am waiting for the phone to ring, I hear commotion in my bathroom. I grab my gun out of the vase on the table beside my door, and slowly head toward the sounds. I pause in front of the door, get low, and kick the bathroom door open. I burst in and turn toward the shower. Just as I do, I hear someone yell, "Don't shoot!" I turn on the light, and before I can process who I am looking at, Lucy comes bursting through the door. "What the hell is going on in here? Is that a gun? I should have known you'd have gun, why are you aiming at Robert?" I try not to laugh at my sisters string of questions. I take the gun and sit it on the floor, the man she knows as Robert steps out of the bathtub. I can see Lucy begin to calm down and I hold my hand out to her, "Why don't we pour you some more wine, and I'll tell you the whole story." I calmly say as I lead her to the living room. She and sit on the couch while Robert opens the second bottle of wine, and gets a glass for himself.

I can the tell the familiarity Ramirez shows in my apartment is not lost on Lucy, before she can ask any questions, I begin to tell her what was going on. As Ramirez quietly refills our glasses, I begin to explain, "A little over two weeks ago, my house was broken into. I didn't want to say anything to your girls because I didn't want to worry you. Robert, lives around the corner, so he calls every night to check on me. When the phone rang, and I didn't answer it, Robert rushed over here to make sure I was okay. I got scared when I heard the bathroom window open, and that's why I grabbed the gun." Lucy leans back in her chair, and I can see the relief on her face, as the story makes sense to her. "Well was anything missing? Were you hurt? Did you file a police report?" she asks as she takes another drink of wine. "No one was hurt, Only a few things of small value were missing, we did file a police report." I respond as I put my arm through one arm of my sweater, and just as I reach around for the other, Ramirez reaches over from the other couch and pulls my sweater onto my arm and up over my shoulder.

Lucy sees this act of intimacy, and jumps up from her seat. She grabs her purse and walks to the door to grab her jacket. I walk behind her, "Are you leaving?" She laughs as she pulls her hair out from her jacket and says, "Yes, I can see you are in very good hands here. I'll call you tomorrow, my Lyft is already here." and with that gave me a quick hug and was out the door. I close the door and turn to Ramirez, "What the hell is going on here?!"

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