It's ok

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This one is hope
For everyone
Who feels broken inside
But I promise you, that

"It's ok"

Feeling different and rejected to this world.
And sensing all those breezy tears on your wet cheeks.
I know, my darling, let yourself be weak.
It's ok.
It truly is.
Believe me.

Rushing to nowhere to find salvation.
Feeling nonsense in your messy, tangled head.
Scream, and let them know it seems like you're dead.
It is ok.
I promise you.
It should be.

Those painful and edgy scars of soul.
They hurt the most, no one will know that you have plenty.
You feel alone, abandoned, lost and.. empty.
But it's ok.
You'll see.
Stay with me.

If you are reading this, just know, I'm here for you.
And you are not alone in this enormous world, so please....
Time heals, just breathe, because I promise,
That life for sure will give you soul kiss...
And it's ok.
You hear me now?
It will be.

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