My Eyes 2 - Chapter 8

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"Today's mission is simple," JP said as he drove to the airport. "Eliza will need to keep an eye on the suitcases until she finds what we're looking."

"What's she supposed to find?" Bianca asked before anyone else could.

"It's a ream of paper." That was all the cop said. But then he noticed everyone else in the car puzzled expressions. "This paper has magic imbued on it. Anything readable material made from that will make the reader angry and easy to manipulate."

For real? I honestly don't know if this is a good or an idiot plan, Eliza thought.

"Why would someone bring that here?"

"We believe they want to use during the World Cup next year. No one imagined the protest would reach such scale. From what we figure, someone's trying to prepare the ground for next year."

Bianca grew quiet as she pondered those words.

Calm down, Red, Eliza thought, holding back a smile. JP let you come, so you don't have to act so eager to help.

Don't be like that. She's just excited to be part of this, Teo's voice echoed in her head.

Hey, you don't really give people any privacy, do you?

S-sorry! Sometimes I can't help it!

I shouldn't have seated in the middle... even with the ring, he's so close he can still hear me. But it's better than if he heard Bianca all the time, the girl thought, letting out a sigh. And being part of this really makes her happy?

Y-yes. But more than that, Bianca's happy because she can be part of your world even more.

Huh? My world? What are you talking?

Even though she's just here to observe, she's part of the world where people with supernatural powers use them to fight bad guys.

Eliza wondered for a moment. Does she really care that much? I never imagined... I mean, she was interested in my powers at first, but I thought it was just an excuse to get close to me...

I can't say anything about that. But for like 99% of the world, what we're gonna do now would be something cool and out of a movie. For someone who's a geek at heart, this is more like a dream coming true.

Guess I never thought of it like that... My powers just became natural... to both of us...

Yeah, I know what you're talking. But Bianca can't stop thinking about superhero comics and or magical girls. Your girlfriend is a real geek.

Eliza couldn't help but chuckle. Trust me, I know that better than anyone. My geek redhead.

That's what you should do for her birthday.

Eliza narrowed her eyes. What did you just say?

Teo's face became red and he looked away.

S-sorry for saying this. It wasn't my fault. I overheard you thinking... B-but if y-you're still thinking of what to give her as birthday present, I'd like to suggest cosplaying.

What? You heard that?

Sorry! I didn't mean to. I wasn't even gonna mention until you said that stuff about your girlfriend. Sorry!

Eliza took a deep breath and then sighed. It's okay... I guess... I mean, don't go talking in Bianca's head. It's too intrusive... I can sort of handle because I know how it's hard to have a power you can't control...

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