Old Habits and New Predictions

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Chapter Three

"Old Habits and New Predictions"

"Hey Kaylyn, it's me for the third time, I am just checking up on you. I know you're not okay, just give me a call when you're ready to talk." Are the words I hear coming through the answering machine as I am listening to my messages. I open the cabinet and take out a wine glass. I pour myself a glass of wine from the bottle of Pinot Noir on the counter,  and begin to look for some food. After checking the cabinets, I write a reminder on the calendar to have Lucille make me more food. Working in the line of work I do, doesn't leave a lot of time for home cooked meals, and cooking is something I never learned to do. I make my way to the living room to watch a little TV,  as I sit down on the couch, there is a knock on the door. I struggle internally with the getting up, or not getting up. I don't want to answer the door, but I also know from the knock on the door that it's Lucille. If I don't let her in, she will find a way in.  That's when I hear, "Kaylyn, it's me! I know you're in there, open up!" I can't help but smile at the sound of the voice coming through the door, she's like a blood hound when it comes to depression,  she always seems to show up when each sister needs her.

"What do you know?" I ask when I open the door,  she's so accurate with perceptions, I swear she's psychic. She walks in while saying, "Well, you didn't return my phone calls, and I figured you needed some more food." She pulls a plastic container out of a tote on her arm. I take the container from her and sit on the bar stool. She loves to cook, and I love when she does. She can see the skepticism on my face, so she pulls out a bottle of the same Pinot I am currently drinking, "You may stay." I joke as I motion my arm in the direction of the kitchen. She walks through the living room and into the kitchen and begins unpacking the tote. Ever since Lucille and I met, we have a deal, I buy the food and she cooks it. As of late, work has been so chaotic it has become that she buys and cooks the food, and I reimburse her. "So have you had time to check on Robert? How is he by the way? Will be seeing him again soon?" she asks as many questions as she can in hopes that I will answer one. I reach across the counter and grab a fork. "Listen Luce, it's not that I don't want to talk with you about this, I literally can't." She pulls a glass out from the cabinet and says, "I figured as much, that's why I brought your favorite movie." She says as she walks back toward the counter and pours herself a glass. She then walks into the living room. I follow behind her and sit on the couch while she puts in the movie.

"I know that you can't give me the details of the story, but can you at least answer one question?" I sigh, because I know that's her way of telling me that she's not going to stop until I answer at least one. I take a moment to think, but I oblige, "Yes, you will probably most likely under one circumstance or another, see him again." She laughs as she moves to the couch and hits play for the movie, "Close enough," She mocks as she takes a drink of wine.

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