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Chapter 21 (savage)

- Ace King -

"Alright, what did you do now?" Mom asked as she entered the kitchen.

"What do you mean?"

"You've prepared breakfast, and have even woken up before the afternoon!" She exclaimed. "You only ever act this useful when you've gotten yourself into trouble."

"Something phenomenal happened is all," I grinned at her.

"And that is...?

"Mia and I got back together."

The moment she said those words, mom's face instantly lit up. She looked even happier than me. "Finally! You better not lose her again. Oh! Why don't we invite her over! I haven't seen her since the two of you split."

"Don't forget to eat," I said, pointing at the pasta I made her.

Ignoring me, she went back upstairs to what I assume, grab her phone and call Mia. Since the table was all set up, I sat down and took out my new phone that I had bought this morning. When setting everything up, I let everyone in my contacts know I had a new number.

All but Zoey.

I didn't have the chance to delete her contact since my first priority was to get Mia back. Now that we're together, I made sure to delete her from my contacts and buy a new phone. Fortunately, she never once called or texted me. I wanted nothing to do with her, but I knew at one point I'd have to see her again.

There was still the case with Louis and his father. After finding out that Zoey and Natasha were staying here, I was more determined to find out what Louis was up to and get rid of the rat. Since Ben was keeping tabs on Zoey, we knew what she was up to on a daily. Ben has told me that nothing seemed out of the picture too far.

What was interesting was that Louis visited my father in prison. I'll have to arrange another meeting with my father soon. Mia suggested that she could visit to see if maybe she'd get him to confess a little more like she did last time. I had no doubt that Mia would be able to do that, but I didn't want my father to see her.

"It's not like he'll hurt me," I remember her saying. "He knows he's caused enough pain, and besides, there will be a guard watching."

Just as I finished texting Mia, my mom appeared and sat done at the table across from me. She said that Mia will be over in a few minutes and began to eat the food I had made her. She kept commenting on my cooking like she always does before we heard the bell ring.

I got up from my chair and headed towards the living room. Opening the front door. I smiled when seeing Mia.


"Mia!" My mom exclaimed, pushing me out of the way. "It's so wonderful to see you again."

"You too, Mrs King." Mia smiled.

"Have you eaten breakfast?" Mom asked as she dragged Mia inside.

"Just before leaving the house."

"Good! I have so much to tell you! I—"

"Mom," I interrupted, making her stop. She looked at me, a confused look on her face before realization washed over.

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