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The weather is very cool tonight. I thought as I sat on the grass some part away from my house. The moon is beautiful and blue. It brought back so many memories when my father and I would make wishes upon it, when its this close to the earth, like it is now.


I turned around and saw my fiancé stroll towards me with both shoes in his hands, sleeves rolled up, and tie unloose. He was just coming from work.

"Oh...James. You're home from work early." 

"Yea, there wasn't much for me to do today. Everyone in the office had everything covered." He said as he kneeled down next to me and kiss on the cheek.

I stared back at the moon hearing James making a lot of commotion putting his things aside and sitting behind me where I can now lean back on him, feeling his chest rise up and back down.

"How's both of my girls doing?" He asked rubbing my stomach which was very ticklish. "Oh. What makes you think its a girl? But we're doing very well thank you very much." He laughed. I continued looking at the moon, hoping, maybe it would answer my question that I have always desired to know. Which of course wouldn't answer back.

"Man it sure is pretty out here tonight." He said observing his surroundings. 

"This brings back so many memories." I said.  

"Of what?"

"When my father and I would always come out on nights like this. We would lie in the smooth grass and stare at the sky as it would stare down at us back. One time I believed in making wishes on the brightest star and hopefully get my wish. But my father told me it works better on the moon. I always thought that was strange but he had a really good point about something. He said to me 'Why not make a wish on the moon? Its just as a star as any others in the galaxy. So then on I decided to make a wish upon the moon."

I looked up at my soon-to-be husband beautiful pale blue eyes and asked him, "Do you ever make wishes?"

He only smirked. "I find it pointless to make wishes when you can just go out there and get it yourself." 

"Of course. That is what to be exactly said from someone that can get everything he wants, since he's so rich and all." I said sarcastically.

"Hey now. I have made wishes before. But my old man is the one who told me that I can just get everything I want if I truly desire them."

"True. But what if you can't get them?" I smiled at him like 'ha bet you can't answer that.' 

"Like I said, if you truly want something you will just have to go out there and work hard to get it. That's the only way."

I smiled at him as he peck my nose and sighed. "I haven't came up with a name for the baby." 

"If it's a girl we should name her...." 


"Yea that's kind of cute." 

"And if it's a boy?" I asked. 


I slightly laughed. "Maybe we should just wait on the names. Besides it's a little too early anyway."

"Fine with me." He whispered in my ear, then gently kiss my cheek making his way to my lips. We kiss passionately giving each other signals how much we love each other. I slowly turned towards him making the kiss more better and wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer deepening the kiss. As my fingers played in his beautiful blonde hair, he wrapped his hands around my waist not wanting to let me go.

The air was beginning to become colder and felt the breeze swarm around causing me to shiver. As if he could tell he broke the kiss and whispered, "Its about time that we should be getting back to the house." I nod my head agreeing, wanting to continue to kiss him back, but the dumb wind messed it up. He grabbed his things and we headed back to our house...actually more like our mansion.


If you haven't notice so far, i had to repost this story up because i messed up. Nothing has changed, its just me being a clutz. Sorry forgive me. :(

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